Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A German Lesson In The Excess Of The Welfare State

Miss Linker is a single mother of three children and she lives in Berlin, Germany.
Miss Linker's three children, ages six, seven and 10 years old. And they attend a private school.
Oh, BTW, Miss Linker is unemployed and gets government assistance to help pay for a $1,500 a month apartment. In the photo below, Miss Linker appears to have a notebook and or lap top computer.
Not bad for an unemployed, single mom of three kids in private school.
So, how does Miss Linker feel about all of this?
Here it is in her own words:
"It's my opinion that as a mother of three, I deserve a comfortable life."
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?!
Miss Linker, you do not deserve a comfortable life. You certainly can aspire to a comfortable life. But judging from this comment, you believe that a comfortable life includes being a sloth on the government dole.
Miss Linker has an unf---inbelivable sense of entitlement. On the backs of her fellow Germans.
What is really sad is that people like her do not realize that because of her attitude, government after government in post-war West Germany and united Germany have created a Welfare State that is absolutely unsustainable.
So much for the Protestant Work Ethic of many who came from Germany to the United States.
It is dying little by little thanks to people like Miss Linker.
Now, because the article in the Left Angeles Times did not go in depth about Miss Linker's reasons to be on the dole, I can not write with absolute certainty that she has not tried to look for work. But remember, essentially the government pays Miss Linker and in turn for her children to attend private schools. All part of making the moms of the Fatherland live comfortably, I guess.
But it is the whole reality that in Germany, being poor is not being poor at all.
Again, from the article is this comment from Hans-Peter Burghof, chairman of the banking and financial services department at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart:
"They have everything — a television, a car."
Bingo! And what's more, it is expected of the "poor" in Germany.
What Miss Linker reminds me of is Peggy Joseph.
Remember Peggy?
Miss Joseph explained why she was helping then Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Messiah Barack get elected president:
I never thought this day would ever happen. I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him [Barack Obama], he’s going to help me.
Miss Linker and Miss Joseph agree. They are entitled to have someone else pay for them.
News flash ladies and all others on the government welfare train all over the Western world.
We are running out of money. We are running out of people to tax to pay for redistributing wealth from the productive to the sloven. And maybe, just maybe ladies, you will be asked to pull your weight. You know, maybe W O R K a wee bit for the government cash.
Now to be fair, there is the tale of one Isabella Hatadym.
Miss Hatadym is also a single mom of a 13 year-old. But, Miss Hatadym was one that actually tried to better herself. She and her boyfriend opened a bar in their hometown of Stuttgart. But, in a real irony, no smoking laws in bars went into effect and the bar went belly up. It was a dream-crusher for Miss Hatadym. And, as fate would have it, Miss Hatadym was diagnosed with uterine cancer.
The government pays 75% of her rent, an additional $700 for expenses. And yet Miss Hatadym still works part-time for $6 an hour. Because of all of that, Miss Hatadym can have a flat-screen television. And can live with some comfort. But, Miss Hatadym is doing something to get that assistance from the government.
Miss Linker, no she can not be bothered while she is on her computer doing what ever she does with her busy days. Miss Linker thinks that it is wonderful that the government, her fellow Germans, help with her slovenly lifestyle:
"I see it as a privilege that we as citizens are not simply left alone by the state."
Yes, a real privilege, Miss Linker.
But the moral of this tale is that the thinking of Miss Linker and her American counterpart, Miss Joseph, is slowly creeping into American life. And it is being fed by a Democrat party and presidential administration that see government as the savior of the people.
Young people believe that they are entitled to attend college and or university. And someone else should pay for it. Old people think that they are entitled to free health care, no matter their ability to pay or not. People believing that a government-ran health care system can free people to pursue passions without having to worry about paying for health care out of pocket. Even if that means not actually working. Oh yeah, they can just keep collecting unemployment benefits for at this point up to two years.
This is creating a righteous backlash in the United States.
For those of us still fortunate to be working, many are realizing that hey, wait a minute! WE are paying, through our taxes at multiple levels, for others to get a free ride.
It is not unlike the era from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Raw Deal, er New Deal, to the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. It took a economic calamity, the reign of Jimmah Carter, to wake up the American people.
And under the stellar leadership of the Dear Leader, President Obama, we are at that point once again in our history.
What is happening in Germany is instructive to us in the United States. And people like Fee Linker are going to further open up the American eyes to the dangers of an excessive Welfare State.

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