Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Take On The Dear Leader's Maine Sojourn

This post by Victor Davis Hanson is a great one on the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his vacation that he and the family are taking in Maine.
I do not begrudge the Dear Leader, President Obama, taking a well deserved rest on the doorstep on Kennebunkport. After all, the more he is there, the less damage he can do a the Dear Leader.
But it is the sheer hypocrisy that the minions, followers and sycophants of the the Dear Leader, President Obama, in justifying this kind of behavior.
Look at something that Mr. Hanson did not report.
That the First Dog, Bo, travelled all by his lonesome ahead of the family.
Can you imagine the hoot, hollering and cries if one George W. Bush had done this with the family dog, Barney? Because remember, all eeevvviiilll happened when Mr. Bush was president. This president, the Dear Leader, President Obama, can do no wrong even if it right in front of people's eyes.
But what Mr. Hanson also pointed out, and this is what is important, is that the eeevvviiilll rich and or wealthy are not Republicans and definitely not conservative. That this nouveau riche is very liberal, even left-wing. And wracked with White, liberal guilt.
Note that Mr. Hanson used the example of Bill Gates.
Mr. Gates was going along with life until a lot of lefties made an issue of Mr. Gates not doing "something" with his wealth. That something is giving it away and or setting up some kind of foundation that would support some lefty cause. Suddenly, Mr. Gates followed the and has given away a lot of his money and set up foundations.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
But it was not done because Mr. Gates wanted to. He was pressured. And now he is A-OK with the nouvaeu riche crowd.
And the Dear Leader, President Obama, is right at home with this crowd. These people that truly look down on the "little" or "small" people.
As Mr. Hanson wrote, the Dear Leader, President Obama, needs to update the populist, anti-wealthy hand book just a bit.

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