Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sen. Ma'am Boxer Tanking!

The good news, if there is any, for California Democrat Sen. Barbara Ma'am Boxer, is that the election is in November.
The bad news is that the election is in November.
According to the latest Field Poll, Sen. Ma'am Boxer is ahead of her Republican opponent, Carly Fiorina, 47%-44%, within the margin of error in the poll.
As expected, Republicans and conservatives are all in for Mrs. Fiorina. The primary campaign is over and the focus is on beating Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
The poll was done in a kind of strange manner.
A total of 1,390 registered voters was the overall sample. Out of that, 1,005 were considered likely voters. And, if you know anything about this blog, I take likely voters over any other group in any poll.
But the news for Sen. Ma'am Boxer does not get any better.
Sen. Ma'am Boxer has her worst numbers since becoming a senator in 1992. In the poll and among registered voters, Sen. Ma'am Boxer is at 43% disapproval and 42% approval. But worse was the number among likely voters. There, Sen. Ma'am Boxers numbers are worse with 48% disapproving of her performance as senator. You know, the title that she reminded an army general she "worked" so hard to get.
These are lousy numbers for an incumbent and even worse considering that California is a Democrat state that has sent Sen. Ma'am Boxer three times to the senate since 1992.
And Mrs. Fiorina has not even begun to fight as hard as she will to wrestle this seat away from Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
Remember, at some point, something about a blimp and Demon Sheep will certainly rear their heads. And laugh all you want Sen. Ma'am Boxer supporters, but these ads more than likely helped Mrs. Fiorina gain the Republican nod to face this embarrassment of a senator.
For the first time since she won election in the Bill Clinton year of 1992, the Gods are smiling on the side of the Republicans. That finally, there is a candidate that might, no more than might, will finally rid the state of California the cancer that is Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
Imagine this.
As bad as these numbers are at this point for Sen. Ma'am Boxer, they will only get worse. And once Mrs. Fiorina gets on the airwaves on radio and television, and of course the internets, it will be a long hot summer for Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
If the Field Poll, a Democrat-leaning poll is already showing these dismal numbers, wait until a real pollster like Scott Rasmussen gives us what is really going on here.
We can not let out guard down. If you want to fork a little cash before Team Obama and sycophants like Sen. Ma'am Boxer take it away, here is where to go.
We need to keep those numbers tanking against Sen. Ma'am Boxer. It is time to send her back here to California to retirement.

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