Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Weds

Today, Chelsea Clinton wed longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky in a lavish wedding in rural New York state.
And I for one am happy and glad that they have had a big blow out affair.
This column over at The Wall Street Journal does fault the wedding in terms of economics. And while there is truth in what was written, one should note that this is, God willing, a one-time event.
Many people get so stressed about the impending nuptials that they elope. Parents get way too involved in the process. And because they are the ones usually forking the cash for the wedding, they get to have final say on a lot of the events of the happy day.
When Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast and I wed 10 years ago, we made it very small, intimate and about the wedding vows, not a lavish affair. After all, Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast had been married before. And I looked at the event as affirming our love for each other before Almighty God and wanted it to be about that rather that the hokeyness that most weddings have.
But to each his own.
I do not fault Chelsea and Marc (BTW, wrong spelling!) for wanting a big affair.
What will count is that they are still together 20 years from now and still have wonderful memories of their special day.

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