Saturday, July 03, 2010

Televisions Six Most Annoying Talk Hosts

Hmm, do you want to know what is interesting about this tidbit on the Six Most Annoying Televison Talk Show Hosts? Not one is from the eeevvviiilll Fox News Channel!
Well, who would have guessed that the most annoying host would be Larry King?!
When Mr. King is not busy cheating on multiple wives, he is asking softball after softball questions to his multitude of guests. And he proudly admits to ignorance on many of the subjects that he has a guest on.
But I would have put Joyless Behar at number one, myself. But hey, it is not what I think on this subject.
But the writer of the piece, Allison Waldman, is rather spot-on with those on the list and what is so annoying about them.
I have always thought that Bob Costas was the smartest kid in the class type. And a Mr. Know-it-all. You know what is said about Mr. Know-it-all types. They know a lot about nothing. That is what is becoming more and more obvious about Mr. Costas.
To be honest, I had not heard of Andy Cohen, but then again I do not watch Bravo all that much. But all one needs to know is that Bravo is a subsidiary of NBC Universal. Enough said.
And James Lipton is also on Bravo. What another shock and surprise! It is not that I find him annoying as much as what comes off as a condescending tone. Makes the show kind of sort of unwatchable.
I have never watched Jonathan Ross. So, I have no opinion of him.
But what is interesting is that two of the six are on CNN. Mr. King is on the big one, CNN. Miss Behar is on the rebranded, sappy HLN. Which used to be Headline News.
And they wonder why they are mired in last place in the cable news wars.
I think that this list can be easily expanded and include David Letterman. Mr. Letterman is one of the most loathsome people on television today. I do not get why people watch the guy.
And I would like to see a list of Six Of The Best Television Talk Show Hosts.
Maybe a future post?!


KevinQC said...

You can't make this list with out including Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith.

Rick Frea said...

Agreed. I think you could also list all five member of the View. My wife watches that show daily, and it makes my skin crawl.

richard mcenroe said...

Please, if I want to hear from Joy Behar all I have to do is go down to the King Kullen and listen to the fat broads berate the cashiers...