Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reason 9,125,427 Why The Left Angeles Times Is A Waste Of Time

Before continuing this post, I must be honest.
The Left Angeles Times is not a complete waste of time. After all, there is the Sunday coupons. And some decent sports writing on occasion. And it makes a great fish wrapping. But, by and large, the Left Angeles Times is becoming more and more irrelevant.
Here is reason number 9,125,427.
Today's column by resident Libertard Tim Rutten.
Yea, that's right, I am calling out Mr. Rutten as the Libertard that he is.
In this epic column, Mr. Rutten cites an "exhaustive" poll conducted by the fellow travellers of "journalism" in the United States, The New York Times.
Oh, but please read Mr. Rutten citing this as "journalism" and "fact".
Let me write here and now this.
A poll is but a snapshot in time of that moment. It is and can be manipulated to cite anything the pollster and those that may be financing the pollster want it to say. And, in this case, it is but one, count it, one poll that Mr. Rutten cites as wonderful "journalism" and "fact". And it is a poll of 1,518 people. Not exactly a lot of those that are active in or attending Tea Party rallies across the United States.
What Mr. Rutten should be doing is the actual anecdotal reporting that he seems to not think is "fact". If Mr. Rutten would get off his fat rump and go to a rally, he would find a lot a diverse people. All kinds of people. And some may even be, DA HORROR!, Democrats! What is unifying these diverse people is a mistrust of government in general, the federal government in particular, and a political class that does not seem to give a damn about the people they claim to represent.
Mr. Rutten cites the poll, this one poll, that only 18% of those polled are Tea Party supporters.
I need to stop to point out that there is no "Tea Party" as such. It is a catch-all phrase that many of us use to describe those who oppose the power grab of the Dear Leader, President Obama, and the Democrat party. But, the Obamawhore media likes it's listeners, readers and watchers to believe there is a "Tea Party" that is distinct and different from the Democrat and or Republican parties.
Back to point.
Worse in Mr. Rutten's world is that these people are highly educated. Which busts the myth of the Obamawhore media that the Tea Party supporters are rubes and yayhoos. Many supporters have college degrees. Are higher income earners. But one has to go down further in the actual article to read this :

Nearly 9 in 10 disapprove of the job Mr. Obama is doing over all, and about the same percentage fault his handling of major issues: health care, the economy and the federal budget deficit. Ninety-two percent believe Mr. Obama is moving the country toward socialism, an opinion shared by more than half of the general public.

In other words, the Tea Party people are more intense, but right along the majority of Americans in multiple polling data that there is a real fear that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is moving the United States in a socialist direction like that found in Europe.
What really bothers Mr. Rutten is that the Tea Party movement is beginning to gel into a legitimate organization in some respect. Mr. Rutten cites a Republican firm, Russo, Marsh and Rogers and their political group Our Country Deserves Better as being a major source of funding for the more organized aspect of the Tea Party movement.
How terrible! That these people are organizing and even worse, it is a Republican political group that is doing some of the organizing.
I guess in Mr. Rutten's world, Organizing For America, the Dear Leader, President Obama's front group is A-OK. It is but a shill for the president and the Democrat party. Where is the outrage there, Mr. Rutten?! Or what about the Service Employees International Union and the thugs that they have sent to Tea Party rallies to intimidate opposition to the Dear Leader, President Obama? I know because I have seen these people at three different Tea Party rallies that I have attended.
See, what really gets under Mr. Rutten's collar is that there is real opposition to the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his policies. Yes, the Tea Party movement, and it is a movement, started last year because of one man, Rick Santelli, and his rant on a little-watched cable network of NBC-no not MSNBC, but CNBC. And last year it was very loosely organized. A lot of word-of-mouth is what got many of us to stage a protest across this Great Land on April 15, 2009. Now there are those that realize it is time to get ready for the upcoming midterm elections. And yes, that means organization.
Also, another thought occurred as I am writing this.
I am certain that if there was polling done during such historical events as Women's Suffrage or the civil rights movement, a minority of people would have been open about their support of these movements.
Really Mr. Rutten, were you bored or lazy when you wrote this screed? Because it is not based in anything but a poll. One freaking poll of a little over 1,500 people.
One wonders why the Left Angeles Times continues in the downward spiral. It is because of dreck columns written by such Obamawhores as Tim Rutten.

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Phoenixism said...

You gotta admit the obituaries are pretty entertaining also.

Don't you think the Tea Party movement has the potential to be come a 3rd party? I think it can be home to the left and right. Unfortunately the Republicans have fired the first blast and now they are associated with it and the Democrats are stubbornly resisting it.

Anti-government...who the hell can't favor that? :)