Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Insipid Cardinal

No, I do not mean any member of the St. Louis Cardinals. Or the Arizona Cardinals for that matter.
I am referring to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Baloney. Yea, that's right, Cardinal Baloney!
It appears that the cardinal, enabler of child molesting priests, has opened his yap on the Arizona legislature doing what the congress and president can not do.
Take control of the border between Arizona and Mexico.
Cardinal Baloney compared the legislation to "German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques."
Oh boy, how rich coming from this guy, Cardinal Baloney!
One of the reasons I think the dear cardinal is so hot on legalizing illegal aliens is simple.
To expand the flock.
Thanks to his incompetence, the Roman Catholic church in Los Angeles is in decline. The number of priest and nuns are following the flock right out the door. Then there is the cardinal's role in covering up many a molesting priest. For that, Cardinal Baloney should step down. But he won't. He will rail against what he sees as an inhumane policy that Arizona is about to embark on. And this is not the first time the insipid cardinal has spoken out against immigration laws that are about enforcement first, every thing else second.
But to compare the legislation to what the Communists and Nazis did at the height of their tyranny is ridiculous.
Because there are too many in congress that want to declare amnesty and "legitimize" millions of illegal aliens, nothing can be done to actually see some enforcement of the current laws on the books. Thus, Arizona is forced to do something.
Time will tell if Gov. Jan Brewer will sign the legislation. And if Gov. Brewer does, will it really be all that draconian or not.
Hey, Cardinal Baloney. Do the rest of us a favor.
One, pray to God Almighty for your soul. Work on saving souls for Jesus. And stay out of matters you know little about.

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Phoenixism said...

Cardinal Baloney, haha.

He's such a Hollywood camera whore. Religion, ha. I don't think even many Catholics like him but they won't cop to it openly or to strangers. He is the epitome of what a machine the Catholic church has become.