Thursday, April 15, 2010

Real Hope And Change Potential On Tax Day

OK, there are less than two hours left of Tax Day, April 15, as of this posting.
If you are anything like your humble blogger, you wait until the bitter end to file because you know that you will be paying through the nose to Uncle Sam and any state that requires one to pay income tax. And, of course, I and Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast are doing just that.
Too bad that the feds do not count a dog as a deduction.
Oh well.
After you have attended a Tea Party and paid your money to the government, do not turn inward on your righteous frustration.
Take heart in the fact that all the polling data out there shows this to be a stellar year for the Republicans to not only take back the House of Representatives, but more than likely the senate as well.
To buck you up, this analysis by Sean Trende over at Real Clear Politics shows something that I never even would venture to think in all seriousness.
That the Republicans could gain 100 seats in the House.
100 freaking seats!
That would be an absolute political earthquake. Kind of a 9.5 on the political Richter scale.
But one of the reasons I tend to agree with this potential is the absolute frustration that the American people are feeling to the political class in general, and Democrats in particular.
One of the buzz terms the Democrats are using to try to deflect from their own shortcomings is that there is an "anti incumbent" mood in the Heartland.
Eh, who is the incumbent political party that controls Washington, D. C. today? Here is a hint. The logo is a Jackass. No, not the House Speaker, Jackass Nancy Pelosi. But the logo of the D E M O C R A T party. But you see the trickery here is trying to spread around the pain that the Democrats will feel in November. That people do not like Republicans any more than Democrats.
That is the last gasp of a party that knows that they are in for a real butt kicking in November.
And do not let the Florida congressional special election change that reality. The former congressman, Democrat Robert Wexler, ran better percentage wise in 2008 than the winner, Ted Deutch, did in the special election.
The real special election to look for is the one in the Pennsylvania 12th congressional district. This seat was held by the late John Murtha. He held the seat for 36 years with an iron grip and pork that makes Sen. Robert Grand Keagle Byrd (D-WV) blush. But it appears that this seat is ripe for the picking for the Republicans. And the good news is that Republican Tim Burns is leading Democrat Mark Critz in an internal poll. And Mr. Burns will have the Big Mo' going his way into the special election next month.
Unless there is a total turnaround in the economy between now and November, the Democrat party future in control of congress, the majority of governor's offices and state legislatures is looking bleak.
And that is real Hope and Change. Hope and Change that there will be a change of direction next Tax Day.


Phoenixism said...

I'm disgusted by incentives given (with federal blessing, of course) to people who love spending money.

Spend, spend, spend. Buy!
Forget austerity, common sense, living within one's means.

You bought property?
Here's a few thousand dollars!
Added to your brood, bought a car, etc...the government will help you.

Which is fine.

But what about us who don't use the government at all.
We just live our lives quietly and don't intrude on anyone's business?

Do we get a bonus for opting out?

Uh no. We don't contribute to coffers. We're ignored.

Righty64 said...

I support the flat tax with very, very little if any exemptions. Oh no, you are not ignored. YOU are some of the highest taxed in the nation.