Monday, April 19, 2010

Amatuer Hour At The White House

Will Obama Return $994,795 In Goldman Sachs Campaign Contributions?

Headline from The Drudge Report.

A real question should be when will the Dear Leader, President Obama, fire the Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner?
After all, Mr Geithner was from the vaunted investment firm. Then again, so was the last Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson.
Which really leads to the question.
Who is really in charge in this White House?
How did Timmy Geithner get his job in the first place? Was there any real vetting going on for any of those in the present administration?
I do not have the answers, but I do think these are worth while questions that do deserve some answers.

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Phoenixism said...

I agree, he needs to cough up that money and send it back considering what Goldman Sachs represents right now. But in all fairness, every stinking administration, R or D, is beholden to the corporate masters. If it's not financial institutions, it's Big Oil. Or it's the insurance industry. Sigh.