Thursday, June 29, 2006

Elections DO Matter

For those who are upset about the way that the Republican party has handled, or mishandled, the immigration issue and want to punish the Republicans by sitting out the November midterm elections, the pro terrorist decision by the Supreme Court today should change your mind.
Imagine this for a moment. You sat home, let encouraged Democrats go to the polls and elect a Democratic House and Senate. President Bush gets another chance to nominate not one, but two, choices on the supreme court. They will replace two liberals. What will President Bush do?
Well, he can't nominate a real conservative say like federal appeals court judge Janice Rogers Brown because the Democrats control the Senate. They already dragged her nomination out for several years before a Republican Senate forced the Constitutional option.
So, Mr. Bush would have to nominate a milquetoast candidate because there is not a Republican Senate.
In 2004, the Republicans increased to 55 seats in the Senate. That is why Mr. Bush could nominate John Roberts and Samuel Alito.
While we all may be upset that the Republicans have made some grievous errors and may blow the immigration bill, remember that in November, go vote, vote for the Republicans and increase the number of Senators especially so that when the time comes, Mr. Bush can nominate judicical conservatives who actually read the United States constitution, not international law.
We saw today what happens when five liberal justices can not read our constitution. Remember that in November!

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