Monday, June 19, 2006

The Episcopal Church Goes Over The Cliff

The Episcopal Church in a not too unexpected move voted a woman to be the next Presiding Bishop and it is not that she is a woman that makes her election sad. It is because she is the most liberal of those nominated and the least qualified.
Nevada Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, 52, was elected by a vote in the House of Bishops, 95-82 over the Bishop of Alabama, Henry N. Parsley.
Why is she not one of the most qualified?
For one, she has only been an ordained priest for 12 years and never in charge of a parish. She has had a meteoric rise in the church because she meets two qualifications. She is a woman and very liberal.
A taste of Bishop Schori today on an interview on CNN ( She could not answer simply what happens when we die. She gave a very convoluted answer about how we live our day to day life and that maybe how it is in the afterlife. How about this orthodox Christian answer. When we die, because we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we are given eternal life and wait for his resurrection to share in that eternal life when he returns in power and glory? That may be too much for the new bishop.
She favors the blessing of same sex unions that will eventually lead to an outright marriage rite, even though there is nothing that would support that in the Holy Bible and theologically.
Also, there are three dioceses in the Episcopal Church that do not recognize the ordination of women. They will more than likely get oversight from the Archbishop of Canterbury and that will lead to the church within the church.
At the very least there are at least 10 percent of the churches within the Episcopal Church that will look to other leadership or outright splitting from the church.
What does this all mean?
It may actually mean the apex of the liberal decimation of the church.
The church will be spending a lot of time and money that they will find they do not have fighting churches and whole dioceses that will leave not because she is a woman bishop. She is the wrong woman to lead the church.
For years many churches have built large endowments. They will clearly be in jeopardy when some of those churches, without a doubt, will breakaway or not recognize Bishop Schori's authority.
At some point, the church will hemorrhage financially and thus will do one of two things.
Cut deals that the liberals will stop the march towards irrelevancy or declare bankruptcy because there will not be enough lawyers or money to stop the churches or dioceses from seeking other leadership or breakaway outright.
In California, several churches have left the Episcopal Church and their respective diocesan bishops have fought for the land and property. The dioceses have lost every case.
That is the sad future for the next nine years.
The church has voted for certain conflict instead of building up the Kingdom of God: they are hellbent on redefing God and building up a politically correct socialistic society that makes God and Jesus Christ nothing but an afterthought.
But this is a time of seeing what kind of leadership will come out of this and whether those who look at the church as an institution of Jesus Christ and God will prevail.
Please pray for the Episcopal Church-we really need it!

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