Friday, June 16, 2006

Another Reason the Episcopal Church Is Mocked

It is amazing that in the 67th General Convention of the Episcopal Church meeting in Columbus, Ohio has to have a resolution that affirms that salvation is through Christ alone, but there it is in black & white.
The fact that one of the leading reformed denominations in Christendom has to affirm a basic belief is astounding, but go the the link ( and you will see for yourself.
If the church would actually read the Holy Bible, one would see for himself the words of John 14:6-"I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." It is Basic Christianity 101.
But, this is the same Episcopal Church that allows the heretical Bishop John Shelby Spong all the rights and privileges of a retired bishop-excommunication apparently not one of them.
It is for that reason that members of the House of Deputies-the lay people of the church had to put this resolution forward. The thought that the basic, fundamental belief of the practicing Christian is under dispute.
Let me be clear, I do not mean that this is at the expense of those of another faith. I have the utmost and strong respect of those who believe another way. But, what it means to share the Christian message of love through Jesus Christ, without shame, is what this means to me. For I am a sinner and yet because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I have a way to the father.
But for some people who profess to be Christian, that is offensive to those of other faiths. Not at all, it is simply the words of Jesus as to his role in the world as he understands it from God himself.
It is in that context that the above statement of Christ himself should be read and shared with those not of the Christian faith.
The fact is that many Episcopalians will shudder in horror that such a resolution may infact be voted on. It should be and pass overwhelmingly.
But I doubt it for the liberal domination of the church will sweep this aside and continue the path that will, eventually make the Episcopal Church irrelevant in modern Christianity.
I hope that I am wrong and the church will uphold that, for a Christian, salvation is through Christ alone.

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