Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Modern Liberalism Defined

Today we hear the word liberalism and it invokes the memories of great American patriots such as Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, John F. Kennedy. These were leaders who believed in lifting all Americans up and knew that there was a common enemy. First it was Nazism and fascism. Then these leaders recognized Communism as the enemy. Also, they did not believe that the government could solve all problems but could be an aid-a hand up and a way for many people to get a good education and move up the economic ladder.
Today, liberalism of that nature is dead. It now must be called by its proper name-socialism.
It is no longer for the underdog as the whole. It no longer wants to have people of genuine faith-be it Christian, traditional Judaism or Islam as part of a great coalition. It is for government to be a nanny to all. It is against those that are white, traditional males. But if one is a transgendered non European, get to the front of the line for the government handout.
The problem is that modern liberalism-socialism-is the greatest threat to America today. It is the fundamental reason that the Democrats want us to end our efforts in Iraq and not to treat the War Against Terror as a war. For you see, if that is the case, that means we must fund the military and police and other law enforcement. That will take away from some grandiose social welfare program that the socialists can enact and take credit for.
The first thing that the Democrats announce as a way to get control of either or both Houses of congress in an increase in the minimum wage. It is always a jobs killer. They want to increase it to $7.25 an hour. In many cities in which the more radical Democrats control, they have enacted so-called "living wage" laws. Again, for the average small business, it is a jobs killer. A major business will simply pick up and move to a more friendly business climate. Big, socialist dominated cities like Los Angeles wonder why few major companies call Los Angeles their home base. Because with all the regulations, business know they can get a better deal someplace else.
We who are conservative and Republicans seem to be afraid to call modern liberalism what it is. Even Ann Coulter referred to it as the Church of Liberalism. It should be the Church of Socialism.
When we are able to call it what it is, then the American people can make a serious and educated decision as to what way they would like America to go.
At one time, Democrats and Republicans could agree on who was the common enemy. Today, Democrats have absolute hatred of President Bush that they would rather see this nation lose to weaken and possibly impeach him. Many even embrace the radical Islamists because they are the enemy of Mr. Bush. I have a news flash. The enemy of the United States is radical Islam. It is bin Laden, the Taliban and the insurgents in Iraq. They may not like President Bush, but they should be supportive of the effort to succeed in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in getting those responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11. They need to stop talking about the date to cut and run from Iraq and to crush the insurgents once and for all in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to take on Iran to stop them from getting a nuclear bomb. But alas, if we do that, it ends the attempt to socialize the United States.
And that is the sorry state of liberalism today in the United States.
The most telling tale is in Connecticut as a reliable liberal, Sen Joseph Lieberman is facing a potentially serious primary challenge. The reason? Because he actually has the nerve to support President Bush and sees that there is a War Against Terror. If he loses, the United States loses and the socialists tighten their grip on the Democratic party.

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