Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Watered Down Resolutions=Watered Down Results

The resolution that will be debated on tomorrow in the House Of Representatives in response to the Los Angeles & New York Times reckless publication of owe the government is secretly tracking terrorist money would almost be a waste of time. But, if congress were in the hands of the Democrats, there would not be a resolution of this nature but of one praising the above media outlets.
Where the Republicans go wrong is not mentioning the two Times newspapers by name as obstructionists and threats to national security. And that makes this a watered-down resolution.
Many blogs like Hugh Hewitt and Carol Platt Libau are rightfully outraged. And I am not outraged but amused. For as much as we like to rightfully call the MSM to the carpet, these feckless politicians need to use them for their own political ends. It is why many are frustrated not just with the Republicans but politics in general.
So, why the shock? I have to admit, I do not know. I do know that this should not be seen as another setback for the Republicans. It just means we have to work harder to elect more Republicans and some with a backbone.
It is why the Osamas and Hamas of the world laugh at us. If these spineless, feckless politicians can not, in a resolution, stand up and call the Los Angeles Times and New York Times obstructionists, potential traitors and wanting an American defeat, then we deserve what we get.
I say, and will, call and e-mail your congressman and demand that the resolution be reworded to include the names of the offending publications.
A note, even though my congressman is a Democrat, if you are in that situation, call or e-mail for him or her to vote for the resolution. For a watered-down one is better than none at all.
It is why we have to elect more Republicans, those not afraid to call those who wish harm against the United States what they are. Fifth Columists for our enemies.

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