Thursday, June 15, 2006

GOP Looking Up

The news for President Bush and the Republicans are beginning to look up, finally.
With taking out of the butcher Zarqawi, the president's visit to Iraq, the stock market soaring and gas prices beginning to stabilize, the trend is that those who lost favor with the President and the Republicans are coming back.
The poll numbers are going up and that may mean the Republican congress will move on immigration reform that starts with enforcement and will eventually lead to what Mr. Bush wants as far as guest workers. The not so surprising election of Brian Bilbray to the California congressional 50th district last week I believe is showing that this election does have the potential of going the other way-towards the Republicans, not the Democrats.
As I have written in earlier posts, there will be some troop withdrawls from Iraq by the end of the year. The situation in Iraq is going way up as the unity government is now complete. The Iraqi and coalition forces are sweeping Baghdad and the Sunni Triangle and cutting off the heads of the remnants of al-Queda in Iraq.
Also, because of these developments the price of crude oil will go down which will at least stabilize gas prices and infact prices will go down, probably below $2.50 nationwide and defiantly below $3 in California.
The doomsayers are getting the knifes out and trying to cut anything down that they could, but they are finding out that the public does know success when they see it and support those that have led success. Hence, that means support for Mr. Bush and the Republicans are on the rise and that means they will keep congress, maybe make marginal gains and even steal a couple of troubled governor's offices.
This is the Democrats worst nightmare-and that's good for Republicans!

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