Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out With The Old Of 2011 And In With The New In 2012-And A Few Predictions Of Course!

As I write this, it will probably be the last post of 2011.
In a way this has been a great year, personally.
Mrs. RVFTLC and I became home owners for the first time. We have fairly decent health and Scout, the 14 and a half year-old Wonder Dog is still with us.
But for the United States, it has been a year of barely keeping our heads above water. Domestically and internationally.
But not all was bad.
Of course the seminal international event of this soon to be gone year was a the take down and killing of Osama bin Laden. And yes, I give the credit for making the decision to the Dear Leader, President Obama.
The domestic story continues to be the foundering economy. And the mixed results of the year in the stock market and continuous high unemployment make our situation tenuous at best.
But enough of that.
There is the serious business of making the all important predictions of the Year of Our Lord, 2011.
So with a little fanfare, here I go.

1) Rick Santorum will pull off the upset and win the Iowa caucus this Tuesday night. Ron Paul will come in second and Mitt Romney third.
2) Lets move on a week later and Mitt Romney will win the New Hampshire primary. Newt Gingrich will take second and Rick Santorum third.
3) That leads to the big one. The Republican presidential nominee. It will be Mitt Romney. He will not choose a veep from any of those who ran against him. But he will choose a governor. Not who you are thinking. No, not New Jersey's Chris Christie but South Carolina's Nikki Haley. A solid bridge between the Tea Party folks and those that will find Mr. Romney a bit too moderate for their taste.
4) Romney/Haley will defeat Obama/Biden on November 6, 2012.
5) President-elect Romney will reward most of his rivals with positions if not cabinet posts.
6) The GOP will take the senate and keep the House of Representatives.
7) Americans will not go to the movies as much as this past year and it will be another decrease, second year in a row.
8) More famous people will come out as homosexuals and a lot will be some real surprises.
9) Obamacare will be ruled unconstitutional by the United States supreme court.
10) The United States Postal Service will go belly-up and be reformed. The quasi-government enterprise will be officially returned to federal government control.
11) Gas prices will rise to $5 a gallon at some point in the upcoming year.
12) The so-called "Occupiers" will seriously wear out their welcome by disrupting the Rose Parade on January 2, 2012.
13) The following are sports predictions:
A) The Green Bay Packers will win their second Super Bowl in a row against the New England Patriots.
B) The Chicago Black Hawks will win the Stanley Cup this season.
C) The Boston Celtics will win the NBA Championship.
D) The Anaheim Angels* will win the World Series.
14) The world will not end on December 21, 2012. The 22nd, maybe! But not on the 21st!
15) A major city newspaper will fold and it will be in a city where there is only one newspaper to serve that city. It will not even be kept alive on the internet.
16) Conservative media will continue to grow. The Glen Beck experiment will be a success and cause others to contemplate leaving free broadcasting all together.

Of course there can be many others. If you have any, drop off a comment.
As this 2011 draws to a close, I am always grateful to those that drop by and read this blog. Many do not comment, but I know that it is read. It is why I keep at it.
Lets all make a difference in the new year. Lets commit to being a help to one another. And to restore those things that have been lost in our lives for whatever reason.
Most of all, from the RVFTLC family to yours. . .HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*This blog will NEVER refer to the Angels as the L-- A------- Angels of Anaheim. If you want to see that, go somewhere else!

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Incognito said...

Hey stranger, love those predictions. And hope you are right and that it isn't Ron Paul, because I seriously would not vote for him.
Happy 2012!