Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Original Dear Leader Dies

According to Red Korean state television, the original Dear Leader, Kim Jung Il has gone to the gates of Hell and left this world at the age of 69.
Kim, the hereditary heir to the Communist throne of North Korea, had a history of diabetes and heart disease. And liked to live the good life of booze, broads and food.
This was done while his people suffer with little to eat, barely subsistence living and one of the poorest nation's in the world.
But this is par for the course of how the communist world has operated throughout the 20th century. Talking a great game about the "people", the "workers", the "children". And yet enslaving them to a death sentence of fear and trepidation rather than the liberation communism promised.
The next heir apparent is, surprise, another son. No, not a Son of a Bitch, but a son of the Dear Leader. That would be Kim Jung Un.
Do you not find it odd that a vowed communist state would keep power in the hands of one family? As if it was some kind of monarchy. Well, I guess that the cult of personality is what counts in commieland, right?
And if one thinks that the economic basket case that is North Korea is simply a figment of our imagination in the West, look at this Wikipedia entry and the photo to the right. The dark area at night is North Korea. To the north is Red China. To the south is the highly prosperous South Korea.
The reality is that until one of the Kim's open up North Korea to outside investment and thus capitalism, it will continue to be a harsh place to live on this earth.
However, one of the causes of that misery, Kim Jong Il is in his just rewards now.

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