Sunday, December 11, 2011

Occupy Vermin Target. . .Target?!

All I can say is that it is about time the "Occupy" vermin take out their rat fangs against Target department stores!
Now why would I, a free-marketeer, capitalist pig, care about this?
One word.
For eons, the left has assaulted the hiring and work practices of the world's largest department store. Everywhere that WalMart wants to open a store and or one of their Supercenters, there is the odd assortment of the left. Mostly labor union lefties. They go to all the hearings, clearly make stuff up essentially about how eeeeevvvvviiilllll WalMart is and eventually, the WalMart gets built.
But so often, I ask Mrs. RVFTLC why a store like Target does not get the same treatment as WalMart. I mean, they hire part-time workers. They have no union representation.
But that has changed and I do have to give some credit to the "Occupy" vermin. They are consistant.
In this report courtesy of The Blaze, anywhere from 100 to 350 vermin decided to descend of a Pittsburgh area Target store. To protest it's treatment of said Target workers.
The comments of one Calvin Skinner of Homewood, Pennsylvania were eye-opening:

"We want full-time jobs with benefits in our community when you use our taxes to build our store."

OK, I am going to go out on a limb here and clean up Mr. Skinner's thought a little bit.
I do not think that Mr. Skinner meant to say that taxpayer's money was used to build the Target store the mob of vermin infested. But that Target did probably get a tax break to build in that particular area of Pittsburgh. And I do not think that Mr. Skinner really understands that business is not obligated to do any of what he believes that they should do. You know, hire people full time. Give a full benefit package. That is the decision of the business how they staff it.
But it is how the left "thinks". That somehow, a business exists to give people, anyone no matter their skills and or qualifications, a job. And then a full-time one at that. Even if it does not call for that to be the case. And that they must provide a full benefits package. Even if that means the cost of that will be passed onto the very people that benefit now with the prices being affordable.
A business exists to provide a good and or service at the most affordable price to maximize profit. And if it is a public company, one to maximize profits for the benefit of shareholders.
Everything else is pretty negotiable.
But see, in Leftytopia, profit is evil. Hell, in their world it would be a barter system economy. Pretty much how the Third-World works. Make that does not work.
But the "Occupy" vermin have also done something few WalMart haters have done.
Taken on a Democrat department store chain.
What?! Target is owned by the Democrats?!
Well, it is not necessarily a Democrat business per se. But one of the heirs to the Dayton company, the owners of Target is one Minnesota governor, Mark Dayton. One can not help but think that some of the reason Target has been, until now, left alone is because the Dayton family is more politically connected to the Democrat party than not.
But score one for the "Occupy" vermin and showing the hypocrisy of many who seem to have a bugaboo against WalMart and Target, not so much.
The reality is that the retail business is a difficult one at best. The profit margin is low to say the least. And that is why stores like Target and WalMart exist. To bring affordability to the broadest market possible.
As much as I despise the "Occupy" movement, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
And by targeting a Target, they expose what has been a strange dichotomy about the opposition to WalMart and the silence if not support of Target.
Strange times we are living in, doncha think?

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