Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are All The Republican Presidential Candidates Really RINOS?

You know, I wonder if in reality all the candidates in the race for the Republican presidential nomination are nothing but RINOS-Republicans In Name Only.
I mean, look at the one-time front runner, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.
Everyday comes new evidence that Mr. Romney has such a RINO past, well, why does he just not challenge the Democrat president, the Dear Leader, President Obama, for the Democrat nomination.
I will not go into all the revelations and or evidence of Mr. Romney's RINOness. Just going to zero in on the latest.
While running against then Sen. Teddy Burp Kennedy, Mr. Romney said that he was a progressive. Keep in mind that Sen. Kennedy was a Democrat. A progressive Democrat.
But reading this over at HotAir, it appears that Mr. Romney is running to the left of Sen. Kennedy. But I tend to agree with Ed Morrissey's analysis. That Mr. Romney is not a conservative ideologue, but someone that likes what works. And that hey, he would never have gotten to even the governor's mansion in 2002 if he ran as a Ronald Reagan conservative.
But I suppose that nowadays, Mr. Reagan would be considered by some to be a RINO.
I mean, the man was a former Democrat. An FDR Democrat no less. And in this sober analysis from Victor Davis Hanson, he did do some not so conservative things. He got the big picture, but had to govern with Democrats controlling the House of Representatives throughout his eight years in office.
So, Texas governor, Rick Perry, is in some good company. For he was a former Democrat as was Mr. Reagan. But he fails the test on illegal immigration and his disastrous supporting mandating Texas teenage girls getting the HPV vaccine.
So, yeah, on those two issues Gov. Perry is RINO personified.
Then there is the current front-runner, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.
He is so RINO that Glenn Beck would consider voting for a third-party candidacy of Ron Paul. So would Joe Scarborough. Mr. Gingrich is one of those people that speaks before he thinks. And yeah, Mr. Gingrich has a long list of RINO bonafides. And the latest is the issue of his taking over $1,000,000 in consulting fees from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. But I will prefer to point out that as Speaker of the House he was pretty conservative. And he was an early supporter of that RINO Reagan fellow.
Then there is Crazy Uncle Ron Paul. Will, he is a RINO because he was a Libertarian. And on foreign policy, he is beyond an isolationist. And lets face it, Mr. Paul has never turned down federal money allocated to his congressional district. Hypocrite!
Oh, and lets get don to the lower tier candidates.
Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, a RINO lover if there ever was one. Why he once supported. . .hold on. . .wait for it. . .RINO Sen. Arlen Specter. And this is when he was challenged by now Sen. Pat Toomey. That makes Mr. Santorum a RINO personified.
Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, another one of those Democrats that became a Republican. Why she even voted for Jimmah Carter in 1976. Damn RINO!
Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.,what is his RINO sin?
Mr. Huntsman believes in Globaloney Warming, aka "climate change". On that alone, disqualifies him for any serious consideration for the Republican nod. That is his current position. Thus, he is truly a still rock-solid RINO.
There you have it.
Seven "Republican" candidates for president and RINOs, one and all.
The reality is that all have imperfections. Almost all have some kind of governing record. And that in the overall is what conservatives and Republicans need to look at. The reality is that every candidate has governed or voted or organized as conservative as they could given their individual situations. And that means sometimes, they will have blemishes on their records.
The key is to decide on which of these candidates is most conservative now and that they could win in a general election.
That is why we are having this Death March of a campaign. Whoever the nominee emerges from this still has to face one Dear Leader, President Obama. That candidate will have to deflect the RINO head that Team Obama will rear to scare away conservative voters. Who does that the best now will be the nominee and, God willing, the next President of the United States.
But do we really need all these RINOs running now?! Where is the last, great Republican, Calvin Coolidge, when you need him?!

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