Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Is How To Begin A Conservative Base In Blue Territory

Make a note Republicans.
This is how to begin the process of grooming people for political office.
The Pasadena Tea Party Patriots are backing several candidates for office in next spring's municipal elections throughout the region.
Pasadena Tea Party leader Michael Alexander announced that the conservative group will back the following candidates for office:

Pasadena City Council: Carolyn Naber
Pasadena School Board: Sean Baggett
San Gabriel City Council: John Harrington
La Canada City Council: Michael Davitt, Laura Olhasso and Donald Voss

Mr. Alexander has a little problem.
The two Pasadena candidates are keeping their distance from the Tea Party group. It is possible because of the fact that roughly 65% of Pasadena voters backed Democrats in the just concluded midterm elections. And the Tea Party has not quite caught on here as other parts of the state or the nation. But Mrs. Naber is totally distancing herself while Mr. Baggett is a bit more receptive.
Mr. Alexander responds on Mrs. Naber's not seeking the Tea Party endorsement,

"She doesn't need us to win," he said. "But we like her and we like what she's talking about."

And that may help her keep her distance and pull off a win. Same for Mr. Baggett.
But this is what Mr. Alexander said that caught my eyes:

"The secret to success in the state and federal contest is having a bench or a farm team," he said. "This is what the left does well and we have to be just as good at it."

Right on, Mr. Alexander!
I have written this until my fingers are blue.
The left and or the Democrats live, eat, sleep the game. We on the conservative and Republican side, well many like to play. Except in August and December.
We need to be constantly engaged with these people. They are always on offense. Even when they are on defense, they still seem to be able to appear on offense.
The only way to win is to begin to win at the local level.
And the Pasadena Tea Party gets it. Will the California Republican party get it?

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