Monday, December 20, 2010

Can Politicians Leave Our Christmas Season Alone?

I am serious. Can the politicians, and their enablers, please go away for the next two weeks?
For the last three years, these clowns in both parties seem to want to ruin a season that used to be void of politics.
It seemed to start grating on my nerves in 2007.
That is at the beginning of the Death March presidential campaign of 2008. Which seemed to start in 2006. Anyhow, remember the infamous floating cross and Merry Christmas ad
from Republican presidential candidate, the Rev. Mike Huckabee? Well, once he did it, almost all the presidential contenders either did a similar ad or commented on it.
Why did the Rev. Mike have to do it? I mean, I really do not need to have a Merry Christmas from any politician. It is the one time of year I do not want to be bothered with such real world stuff. But, since he did, it was follow the leader.
OK, fast forward to 2008.
Just after then Sen. Messiah Barack won the presidency, the only thing we were not notified about was his bowel movements. It was breathless and brainless. All the coverage. Where was the Obama family going to spend Christmas? Hey, the guy was not even president yet. Who cared?
And last year, the Democrat congress was pushing the so-called health reform scam and worked throughout the Christmas season. Having a vote on Christmas Eve. Really. Was it that damned necessary? Once again, politics reared its ugly head in a time of year that it really should take a break.
And this year, there is a session of congress called the lame-duck. It is because it is the ending of the 111th congress. In the past, unless there was something really pressing, there was not one. But what is pressing this time? Pretty much everything the Democrats did not want to deal with during the midterm election season. And that was everything.
Thus we are forced to have to talk about tax cuts, Don't Ask-Don't Tell, DREAM Acts, blah, blah, blah, blah blah ! ! ! ! ! !
You politicians of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives, liberals and so-called moderates, GO HOME!
The American people want a real break from such things as politics.
I mean it. We want to go to our parties. We want to get together with family and friends. We do not need these gatherings to be influenced by the politicians that do not want to take a break.
I beg you politicians, stop ruining our Christmas season! Get out of Washington and any state capital. These issues will still be around after New Years. We can and will survive without having to deal with these matters for two, two short weeks.
Of course, you know that there will be a political post after this. Thanks to those that won't go home!

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