Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ace Gets It Right About The Left And Their Enablers (The Leftywhore Media)

This is one of the best posts that Ace has done in a long time.
It covers the subject of media coverage of Democrats and Republicans.
Here is a section that grabbed my attention:

The liberal media sells liberal candidates as brilliant and even-tempered and "sophisticated" and "nuanced" of thought; all of these are non-ideological attributes which appeal to most, whatever one's politics.

Sound familiar?
It should for this is how the Dear Leader, President Obama, was sold to the American people in 2008.
Too bad the 2010 version does not match the 2008 version.
Oh, my bad.
It never did.
I mean, then Sen. Messiah Barack almost blew the whole scam when he spoke truth to Joe The Plumber. You know, about that redistribution of wealth. To even the playing field, doncha know.
So, we all know that the Dear Leader, President Obama's 2008 Death March of a campaign was a scam. That is not really the point I want to illustrate and expand on.
As Ace continues, he explains how the leftywhore media elucidates on conservatives and or Republicans:

1. Stupid
2. Evil
3. Crazy
4. Out-of-touch

Pretty much it in a nutshell, wouldn't you agree?!
Yeah, Ronald Reagan was stupid. After all, where did he go to college? Oh, did he even go to college? Yeah, some dinky college. I think it was Eureka College. Eureka College?! Where the hell is that? Is it even on either of the coasts? Illinois? Really? I never heard of it! Is it in Chicago? What? It is between Peoria and Bloomington? Where is that?
Well, Eureka College may not be an Ivy League institution, but it is a real college. A C H R I S T I A N one at that. It is under the auspices of the Disciples of Christ, the denomination that Mr. Reagan was raised. Oh, and it is ranked as one of the best regional colleges in U. S. News and World Report. So, I am going out on a limb and suggest that it is a pretty darned good school. And it did prepare Mr. Reagan for the world outside of Illinois.
Oh, and let's not get started on that dim bulb, the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin!
She went to the University of Idaho. University of Idaho? She did not even have the decency to attend Boise State! I mean, that is at least a well known football school!
You get the picture.
Republicans are not nuanced. Not competent. Driven by ideology.
No, not the Democrats. No, they just want to get things done.
But Ace in his colorful manner writes, correctly, that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is not anywhere near Mr. Fix It, but Mr. F--- It Up Even Worse.
Take this from the epic post:

It's amusing to me how simple America's problems were when Democrats were out of power, looking to take over. We would just fix the economy. Snap! Fixed. Just cancel Bush's tax cuts for the rich and it would all be right as rain. We could just bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and convince the Iranians and North Koreans it was in their interest to give up the bomb; all we needed was a smart guy to speak the right words to these countries that Bush was too stupid to know.

Now all these problems suddenly are complex, really hard to get any kind of handle on. We have even been told by some in the Obamawhore media that the job of being the president maybe too much for one person to handle.
Really? Tell that to the Founders of this, the greatest nation known to man. Tell that to Abraham Lincoln as he fought a Civil War to keep this Great Land as one. Tell that to Franklin Roosevelt, no matter how you believe his policies overall continued the Great Depression, in fighting the Nazis, Fascists and Imperial Japan in World War II.
No, real leaders rise to the occasion. They do not whine about "inheriting" problems, real and imagined, from the previous leader. They do not talk down to the people that they claim to want to serve. They do not make excuses when their policies go bad.
Real leaders roll up their sleeves and govern as the competent leader they ran as.
And that is not what our Dear Leader, President Obama is doing.
Yet you would not know it.
The Obamawhore media, and some conservatives that are drinking some Kool-Aid, are touting the just completed lame-duck session of congress as amazing. How the Dear Leader moved to the middle on the two-year extension of the tax rate reduction of the previous administration. Yet he and his congressional minions rammed through a very flawed nuclear arms reduction treaty. Rammed through the end of the so-called DADT rule regarding homosexuals serving "openly" in the armed forces. Hardly the stuff of a competent centrist.
Oh, and let me bring it to California.
Governor-elect Jerry Brown is a hard-core lefty. Yeah, he does do the right thing on occasion. And a broken clock is right twice a day. Yet he ran his election campaign on, competency. Not ideology. That he had been there before. And because of that, he could be a leader and not driven by any ideology.
Yeah, right.
Let us wait until he makes an appointment to the California state supreme court. Or any court for that matter.
The bottom line is this.
Do not be fooled by the theme that liberals are just interested in just getting things done. Do not be fooled that all they are about competence.
A liberal is interested in two things.
Growing the government and making sure to let the world know that the United States is not worthy of being a superpower.
And as Ace notes, they are helped along by a compliant, whorish media.

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