Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Labels And One Big Farce

Another loser, inside the Washington beltway group has formed called No Labels.
And it is what you would expect from politicians and their hangers-on trying to sound "reasonable" and "wanting to get things done" rather than engage in an actual debate on the issues of the day.
The reality is that this is a group that stands for nothing. It looks at an issue and seeks the least resistant position.
Several things about this group.
Look at the line up of those involved.
There seem to be a lot of Democrats. If you go to their website, you will find a panoply of usual suspect Democrats trying to pass them selves off as "moderates". Funny how these "citizen leaders" seem to be very tied to the Democrat party. Sure, there is James Pinkerton as one of the leaders. But he has always been a bit squishy for me and many conservatives. And do not forget Joe "I HATE Sarah Palin" Scarbourogh. And Charlie Christ, the disgraced governor of Florida. Congressman Bob Inglis, a Republican from South Carolina. Oh, Mr. Christ lost his senate race when he bolted the Republican party to run as an independent. And Mr. Inglis lost his primary challenge. Yeah, losers.
Oh, look at a pressing issue for these people.
Election reform.
Yeah, real pressing for those 9.8% of Americans that are unemployed. And when you look at their solutions, why it seems like a way to dilute parties and debate.
The reality is that elections in the United States are bottom up. Meaning that elections are administered at the city, county, state and federal level. Most elections are done by county clerks. And it is the county boards that determine how votes are to be done and or carried out.
Funny that if you read this group's pressing issue, it is more about nationalizing the process. Making it even easier for anyone to vote. In fact, what prompts this whole discourse is the presidential election in 2000.
That election was only the fourth time that a candidate did not win the popular vote and the electoral college. Yet somehow, again, it is the fourth time in the United States history that a candidate got more electoral votes. Yet somehow, the system is broken.
It is not broken in so much as that it is up to the states to determine certain aspects of how elections are conducted. And how the legislative map is drawn up every 10 years based on the census.
What this group really is all about is the expansion of government. Whether it be at the local level, state and or federal level.
Of the five issues that this group cares about, there is nothing about federal tax policy let alone tax reform. Nothing about lessening the grip of Washington on the states, counties and cities of this nation.
And this fixation about polarizing politics.
Please, politics has always been polarizing. There are at least two points of view on any given issue. There is not a magic wand to have everyone agree on everything. Then we are edging towards a dictatorship.
This kind of group is but another way for people in both political parties to frame the debate on issues that they are wise and should be heard. Good. Go form an actual political party and compete in the marketplace of elections. Then we shall see if they are a real force or a real farce.

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