Tuesday, December 21, 2010

California Now On The Downward Spiral

The 2010 United States census is out.
The population of the United States of America stands at 308,745,538 which is up from the 2000 census which showed the population of the USA at 281,400,000. The gain is 9.7%.
And there is this nugget for the once Golden State of California.
We do not gain any seats in congress for the first time in state history.
The good thing, if there is one, is that California does not lose any seats. Compared to New York state, which loses two.
We now have 53 congressional seats and two senate seats for a total of 55. And that is the number in the electoral college.
But the trend is not good for growth in California.
In fact, it appears that barring a lot of new babies or illegal aliens in the upcoming decade, we will start to see a decline in state population.
After years and years of amazing growth, California I believe is on the downward spiral.
Not unlike the Rust Belt states and other bastions of liberalism as Massachusetts and the aforementioned New York state.
By no irony, the population is growing in the Sun Belt and the West.
With the economy in shambles, a budget deficit as high as the Tower of Babel, and low if any population growth, California will finally face some grim realities.
Such as that there is no free lunch. More and more of those making money are getting out of Dodge, so to speak. They are heading to other Western states or the South. And those coming in are not particularly the entrepreneurial types that are needed. In other words, at some point the Silicon Valley people will come to realize that staying in a declining state is not good for business.
Where will the tax and spenders in Suckramento, er Sacramento, get the cash to close that deficit? Or to create more intrusive government?
I fear that at least for the foreseeable future, California will stare in an abyss, mostly of its own making. We just can not afford what we are doing to our fellow citizens. And our children and grandchildren.
We may need some shock therapy up in the state capital. No, we do need shock therapy.
But note this.
The numbers are not lying. California is on the beginning of the end of the dream.

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