Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Hillary Will NOT Be President

I know, I know that the granny in the pants suit, Hillary Clinton, surprised me and is running for president of the United States even though I predicted that she would not.
One surprise does not mean that it's all over and we should just accept the premise that because of institutional biases, Mrs. Clinton will be elected president of the United States.
In fact, this is beginning to remind me of 2008 when Mrs. Clinton, with all the same biases for her, still failed to become the Democrat nominee for president. She lost to a virtual unknown senator from Illinois named Barack Obama.
Right now there are two announced candidates besides Mrs. Clinton seeking the Democrat nomination for president.
They are the former governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley and open socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I/D-Vt.).
The leftywhore media is dismissing these two as nothing but gnats in the March of Hillary to the Democrat nod.
Again, I will remind you of 2008.
Yet why is the open socialist, Sen. Sanders, at this point only within 10 points of Mrs. Clinton in this poll? In New Hampshire? And while she has a comfortable lead with women, men support Sen. Sanders. And what about this poll showing Mrs. Clinton with a 12 point lead over Sen. Sanders also in New Hampshire? Even if one takes into account a rather high margin of error, at best for Mrs. Clinton she could be ahead of Sen. Sanders by 18%. At worst she could only be six points ahead of Sen. Sanders. And while this poll shows Mrs. Clinton far ahead in Iowa and South Carolina, these are states that favor organization (Iowa) and establishment (South Carolina). Average the two polls out and Mrs. Clinton is only ahead of Sen. Sanders in New Hampshire by 11 points. Less than a year before the first in the nation primary casts it's vote.
I wrote seemingly long ago that the Democrat party has turned far left. They nominated the Dear Leader, President Obama, twice. And Mrs. Clinton has been playing catch up ever since. The reality is that Sen. Sanders reflects probably of majority of self-identified Democrats than Mrs. Clinton. And somewhere in between is the former governor, Mr. O'Malley, who will gain traction. I believe that it will be a serious 3 person race for the Democrat nomination.
In the end, for all the advantages of money, Democrat establishment support and seemingly favorable terrain, Mrs. Clinton may not be able to overcome the left turn of her party.
And that is the reason I do not believe in the end Mrs. Clinton will not be the nominee of the Democrat party. The party has moved decisively to the left and Mrs. Clinton is walking a tight rope that she will more than likely fall from. The only thing is whether it will be to Mr. O'Malley or Sen. Sanders.

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