Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Why Is Sen. Goober Graham Running For President?

Some dude from South Carolina named Lindsey Goober Graham is making a run at the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election.
He's a senator who just won reelection handily. For the time he has spent in the senate, Sen. Goober is the senior Solon in that august body.
And yet like the eight others who have announced their intentions, this dude, Sen. Goober, seems to be the one to ask this question.
Why is Sen. Goober running for president?
As noted in the linked story above, Sen. Goober is betting the farm that the 2016 election will turn into a foreign policy one and that he will ride in on the white horse to save America from the threat of the Islamic State and their radical Islamic allies.
If we were having an election strictly on who has the best plan to defeat the radical terrorists and the ever growing Islamic State, yeah I would put Sen. Goober in my top three.
But we are not having a one-issue election. We never do.
In fact, I will address an elephant in the room no one else will. And I write not to pass judgement but to get this out of the way before it can and will become an issue.
Sen. Goober is a single male who has never been married. Sen Goober is also 61 years old.
Yeah, there has been and will be speculation that Sen. Goober is a closeted homosexual.
Until now there is not one bit of discernible evidence other than the dude is a dedicated public servant. I really don't know and don't care. But if Sen. Goober is wanting to be a serious candidate, he better get in front of this potential issue now rather than later.
One of the reasons I don't get the Goober Graham candidacy is we had it before.
In 2008 we had Sen. John "F--- You" McCain and he tried to run a foreign policy campaign for president. The problem is that Sen. "F--- You" McCain did not grasp that he was the guy running against the seemingly dynamic candidacy of one Barack Hussein Obama, the first very serious Black candidate for president. And after eight years of the George W. Bush presidency, seen as a failure, Mr. Obama waxed poetically about a new America. Why Mr. Obama even convinced a small cadre of conservatives that he would be a different kind of president.
We all know how that story turned out.
The problem for Sen. Goober is that he is running against similar forces within the current crop of GOP announced candidates.
There is Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, two Hispanics of Cuban descent. Throw in Carly Fiorina, a businesswoman that ran for the U. S. senate from California in 2010. and the more than likely candidacy of the Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, an Inidan-American and the potential for a game-changing candidate is more of a reality now than ever before within the GOP.
And a reality is that Sen. Goober is seen as nothing more than Sen. "F--- You" McCain's lap dog. Alike on foreign policy and domestic policy. Not dime's worth of difference is correct here.
Is Sen. Goober running to avenge Sen. "F--- You" McCain's loss in 2008? Does he really think that the 2016 Republican party is just so wanting a rehash?
Again, the question that Sen. Goober has to answer is why he is running for president? What makes him different and the one that can win? So far I see nothing whatsoever that helps in any way Sen. Lindsey Goober Graham.

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