Friday, June 05, 2015

SCANDAL! Marco Rubio Has . . .

Careless driving!
Driving through red lights! 
Speeding tickets!
And all over a course of 17 years!
If you have not figured it out by now, Republican presidential hopeful, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) has had some driving problems over the years. 
But guess what?
Jeannette Rubio, Sen. Rubio's wife, has the worse record of the two.
And where do we find all of this scandalous information from?
The Ol' Gray Lady herself. The so-called newspaper of record, The New York Times. 
Unreal. Unfrickingreal!
Amazingly, this was found out by two by-lined "reporters" and a researcher. That between Jeannette and Marco Rubio, they have 17 traffic tickets over the course of 17 years.
Oh, did I forget to mention that Sen. Rubio has four traffic tickets over the above mentioned time frame? Which means about once every four and a quarter years, Sen. Rubio has had a traffic ticket. Leaving the other 13 tickets to Mrs. Rubio. Including one for sideswiping another car with her Ford F-150 SUV.
Wait a minute?!
I did not know that Ford made an F-150 SUV?
Remember, two "reporters" and a "researcher" worked on this scandalous tale.
One would think that the thrust of the story, how Mrs. Rubio is a lousy driver, would get right what vehicle she was driving in her worst traffic violation.
But could it be because the Ol' Gray Lady really did not get the info they claim to have from a researcher but a pro-Hillary Clinton group known as American Bridge? And that American Bridge is a front group started by Clinton Butt-guy David Brock?
The Washington Free Beacon has the apparent goods on the fact that all the records were pulled not by a New York Times researcher but representatives of American Bridge.
Here is a real fact, my friends.
This is a huge waste of time and money and truly beneth the Newspaper of Record. It is also a bad thing if a so-called researcher used information supplied by a known left-wing political action committee to buttress a case that basically, the Rubio's driving sucks.
At least Sen. Rubio knows what the driver's side of the car looks like personally. The Democrat front-runner for the nomination, Hillary Clinton, has not been on that side of the car since about 1996.
So I'm kinda glad to know that Sen. and Mrs. Rubio are not the best drivers in the United States let alone the state of Florida.
If that is the worst an extensive media onslaught can produce, Sen. Rubio is an even better candidate than I thought.
Now can the Ol' Gray Lady tell us if Scott Walker picks up his own dog's poop? I really want to know.

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