Thursday, August 16, 2012

You Know The Dems Are Desperate If They Think A Hilary-For-Biden Switch Will Save The Election

A morning that started off with ripe speculation that the Dear Leader, President Obama, was going to pull a switch of positions by the end of the day ended up, as I could have told you, with no move made.
As I was heading for the day job, speculation was rampant that Vice-President Dim Wit Joe Biden would be replaced in his job by the current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, wife of the former president, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.
I mean, this has been a really crappy week for Vice-President Dim Wit.
At one campaign rally in Danville, Virginia, our illustrious vice-president made not one, not two, but three major blunders.
First, Vice-President Dim Wit tried to make a point about what he and the Dear Leader, President Obama, see as a big policy of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. You must watch the video for the full effect of Vice-President Dim Wit's point. Whether anyone likes it or not, when one from the North does a Southern drawl and says, "He's gonna put y'all back in chains!"
there is no need for any attempt at "context". Oh, did I mention that the crowd in Danville was more than half Black? Get it? Even though Vice-President Dim Wit was talking about banking regulation and somehow slipped in a loaded phrase in Southern and maybe Black dialect.
I do not really have to write this, but I will.
If a White Republican, oh I don't know, maybe Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) had uttered the phrase to a Black audience, would he be the Republican vice-presidential nominee beyond 48 hours?
OK, while talking like a clown to said Virginia audience, he implores the multitudes to get out and work hard. So that Team Dear Leader can win. North Carolina.
Last I knew, one can not be in two places at once. I guess unless you are our illustrious vice-president. I think he is on two planets at once.
And to top that off, according to some reports, Vice-President Dim Wit was mocking the woman to his left doing the sign-language for those hard-of-hearing and or deaf.
Brilliant I say! Frickin' brilliant!
So today, The Weekly Standard fueled rampant speculation that today maybe a big day in the Democrat presidential campaign.
OK, it did not happen. One can not look at a White House schedule and assume much of anything.
It is known that when the president and vice-president do lunch, it is usually on a Thursday afternoon.
So, what about this meeting with Mrs. Clinton? Why the three of them together?
Does not matter because of this writing, Vice-President Dim Wit is still a heartbeat away from the presidency.
OK, this conservative Republican is going to explain to the panicky Dems why there will not be a switch in vice-presidents unless Vice President Dim Wit dies before the election.

1) The Dear Leader, President Obama, can not admit the biggest mistake he made-before becoming president.
Yup, on that fateful day back in 2008, a Saturday afternoon in August then Democrat senator Messiah Barack asked one of the longest-serving senators in history to be his vice-president. We on the Republican side and the right laughed uproariously. Democrats thought it was brilliant because they kind of thought then Sen. Dim Wit was brilliant. At the time, I said that this decision will come to haunt then Sen. Messiah Barack. While Sen. Messiah Barack did win the election, it was certainly because of Sen. Dim Wit. I would say it was despite him. The United States was war-weary and economically on the ropes. And like it or not, Sen. Messiah Barack was saying all the right things.
Since the election, Vice-President Dim Wit has made gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. But one thing is that he singlehandedly forced the Dear Leader, President Obama, to finally come out of the closet and publicly support same-sex marriage. But by doing so way before the Democrat convention in two weeks, opponents have been able to mobilize and probably will be part of the voting coalition that votes out the Dear Leader, President Obama and Vice-President Dim Wit. I believe that if the Dear Leader, President Obama, had to do it all over again, he would have asked Hillary Clinton.

2) A switch this late reeks of total desperation.
Of course it does. How can anyone spin it that it does not look like as the Dear Leader, President Obama, is slipping he suddenly pulls off a switcharoo? Not event the Obamawhore media would be able to pull it off without looking like buffoons. If any one thinks that Mrs. Clinton will save the day without huge concessions on the Dear Leader, President Obama's part, again, they are kidding themselves. Had a switch been seriously contemplated, it would have occurred at the beginning of this year. Again, unless Vice-President Dim Wit dies before the convention, he will be on the ticket. Timing is everything, and doing such a monumental change now would prove to be desperate.

3) Possible constitutional problems.
If a switch is to be made, what would happen to Vice-President Dim Wit Biden? Would he serve the term to January 20, 2013? If not and it was to be Mrs. Clinton, she would have to be confirmed by the senate. Won't. Happen. Republicans would do all in their power to keep the vice-presidency vacant. Because guess who would then be next in line? Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner. A very real reason that this change will not happen.

4) Why would Mrs. Clinton want to help the Dear Leader, President Obama, and vice versa?
Exactly! The reality is that Mrs. Clinton would not want to really help the Dear Leader, President Obama, save his sorry butt. And he may not want to see Mrs. Clinton actually succeed him should, God forbid, he win a second term. I think that while there is cordial, professional relationship between the two, I do not think that they like each other. If she were to somehow step up and they lose, it will be hard for her to be a real front runner for the Dems in 2016. Just a fact. And if they were to win, who would really be in charge? See reason number two again.

5) All this exposes a weak, tired and old Democrat bench.
The fact of the matter is that in 2016, Mrs. Clinton will be 70 years old. Vice-President Dim Wit Biden, should he not be committed to a supervised senior housing center, would be a ripe old 76. What about the new generation of Democrats? Who are they? Look at the congressional leadership, almost all fossils themselves. Again, while Mitt Romney would also be 70 years old, look at a Vice-President Paul Ryan, not yet even 50 years old. And congressional leaders, some about the same age as Mr. Ryan as well as many governors.

Though I went through a list, not nearly full at that, the short reality is that Hillary Clinton will not be the vice-presidential candidate under the Dear Leader, President Obama. Dim Wit Joe Biden is it. And once again, it will prove to be a possible costly choice of judgement made by Barack Obama.
I leave you with this thought.
To get out of a room, choose who worries you more as vice-president or potential vice-president. Joe Biden or Sarah Palin?

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