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How Liberalism Really Does Screw The Rich

This recent story in the Left Angeles Times may not seem like a big deal for it is a time-honored complaint about any given city and the seeming inability to fill in those potholes.
But what is really interesting is where this takes place and that the reaction of the local residents is to find a way to Escape From L. A.
The posh Los Angeles district of Holmby Hills is where this tale takes place. This is pretty much part of the fru-fru areas such as Brentwood and Bel Air. In other words where the rich residents of Los Angeles live.
And yet surprisingly, the potholes are pretty bad. According to the article, the tow-truck folks from AAA think the area is a gold mine for them based on their calls. And the highlight was on a Paul Kanin who blew out a front tire on his Audi A6.
A brief interlude.
Audis are pretty much a car that SWLPL*, so take that for what it is worth.
Back to point.
The lack of action to take care of the said potholes has so riled some members of the community that they are seriously looking to leave the city of Los Angeles and ask the equally snooty, yet seperate city of Beverly Hills to annex them.
The drive is being led by an attorney, of course, named William Fleischman.
Now, read this quote so that you are illuminated as to the headline:

"Holmby Hills pays millions of dollars to Los Angeles in property taxes, and we're getting back thousands of dollars in services,"

And Mr. Fleischman, welcome to the wonderful world of liberalism.
Ironically, today the Dear Leader, President Obama, referred to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, as Romney Hood. Taking from the poor to give to the rich.
But the reality is that in Los Angeles, it is the real Robin Hood that happens.
And Holmby Hills is not alone in their frustration with a city hall that caters to every fringe group in every fringe area leaving a lot of taxpayers, rich and middle class, hung out to dry.
For years, a portion of the San Fernando Valley, which is essentially Los Angeles with a bunch of names like Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, West Hills, Granada Hills, Canoga Park and several others had wanted to seceed from Los Angeles and form their own city.
And guess why they wanted to?
Because they were getting screwed in how the public services were distritbuted in a city that is over 300 square miles and as diverse as Holmby Hills and South Central Los Angeles.
While the people in the poorer neighborhoods would disagree, the reality is that because they are more dependent on government services of all kinds, they get most of it.
And they get it from the San Fernando Valley and the wealthy neighborhoods that are mentioned above.
Only now that they have an issue, the lack of road maintanence, do they realize how screwed they are in the environs as Holmby Hills.
And the reason that their neighborhood is not being taken care of in a timely manner is rich.
Here is Richard Lee, spokestool for the Los Angeles Department of Public Works:

The city plans repairs years in advance.
"The Bureau of Street Services recognizes the need for street resurfacing in Holmby Hills and in neighborhoods across Los Angeles. While we sympathize with the concerns of neighbors .... the city wants to make sure it is spending taxpayer money wisely."

OK, sure Richard.
I would like to see the planned repairs for 2017, just for the hell of it, Richard. Will these residents get taken care of then? Or do they have to keep getting blown tires for, oh I don't know, whenever they come under the plan?
Well my wealthy friends, you are seeing what the liberals that are in charge at city hall in downtown Los Angeles really think of you.
As Mr. Fleischman said, they paid boatloads to all kinds of government and all they are aksing is for a little road repair and they are given the "We'll get back to you" from the city.
But if they are late on any of the said taxes, well they would probably THEN hear from the city. To pay up.
But all the poor folks have to do is stir up a little trouble and BOOM! All the liberal pols and their hanger-ons will crawl over each other to talk about how we need to give more money to stop whatever grievence, real and or imagined, they bellow about. And the problem never gets solved while some mid-level schmuck gets his or her hands on taxpayer money and only the good Lord knows what they do with the money.
Eventually, people start to wise up. But it maybe too late.
As an eternal optimist, I hope that it is not too late for the city of Los Angeles to maybe get some of their public works people over to Holmby Hills and at the very least do something temporarily until the permanent solution can be done. You know. Because they plan these years ahead.
The lesson here is that yes, liberal governance does take from the rich. Yes it does give to the poor. And when the rich ask for a little measly road maintanence, they are told they have to wait until the city is good and ready to fix their real problems.

*-SWLPL-Stuff While Liberal People Like, aka Stuff White People Like.

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An Unmarried Man said...

Thanks for the HT!

Ultimately this also is a commentary about the ability to manage such a large multicultural populace. It can't happen. California, the United States, everything is best divvied up into really small, homogeneous parcels of land.

I am a separatist, I suppose lol. Aztlan power! (This is a joke, of course).