Thursday, August 09, 2012

Desperate Obamawhoring

OK, I will be the first to admit that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has not had the best couple of weeks. The reasons will be addressed in another post.
This post is about the Leftywhore/Obamawhore media (one in the same, folks) and their shilling for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
In this article in today's Left Angeles Times here is another case in point.
It is about wind energy in Iowa.
Well, it is really about how Mr. Romney wants to let a wind-energy tax credit expire and supposedly this is the issue that will turn against Mr. Romney.
And the article says that many conservatives are upset with Mr. Romney's position. Why the article even has extensive thoughts from a Rob Hach. And the article dutifully notes Mr. Hach is a "life-long Republican". And whats more, he is sooo mad at Mr. Romney that he will vote for the Dear Leader, President Obama, in the fall election. Later in the article it claims that Mr. Hach is a conservative. And further more, he does not want a handout.
OK, a couple of things.
When the Leftywhore/Obamawhore media use the term "life-long Republican", it is immediately to be suspect. They just take what someone says at face value. Most of the time, it will turn out that the so-called "life-long Republican" is more or less not a conservative and one that has on more than one occasion voted for a Democrat.
And when one claims to be  a conservative, says that they do not want a government handout and yet ate at the front of the line for a tax credit, this is not a conservative. In fact, the article says this about people like Mr. Hach:

Wind advocates say they just need a few more years of government help to get the industry on its feet.

Did the automakers back in the day need government to help it along? Hey, how about airplanes? Radios? One can go on and on.
If the wind industry needs such help, it is probably not ever going to get off it's knees let alone on their feet.
To be fair, the article did point  out that there are Iowa voters that don't care about wind tax credits.
There were quite a lot of people out to see Mr. Romney this past Wednesday and many shared the views of a small businessman, Chris Bobst:

"I think they should eliminate all tax credits. I own a small business. When it isn't working out, no one bails me out."

Bingo! Give this dude a cigar! He is spot on!
As a Republican and conservative, I believe that Mr. Bobst represents what the party really believes. Mr. Hach believes in a pipe dream. One that the federal government can not afford at this time with looming deficits and debt so far out that the eyes of all Americans can not see it.
But the thrust of the Times article is that see, Mr. Romney is turning off his own base. Why "life-long Republicans" are not only going not vote for him, but some will vote against him.
It is one of the oldest Leftywhore/Obamawhore media tricks. It is trotted out almost on cue every election cycle.
However, what is almost never reported is a story the other way. About disgruntled Democrats. How they are not happy with their leader. How some "life-long Democrats" will not vote in November. Or even some that will vote for the Republican.
Nope, never see those stories, do you?
It is as I wrote in the headline.
Desperate Obamawhoring.
It is not serious reporting and or analysis. If it where then there would be a similar article about the Democrats. But rarely is there one.
And note this because it is very important.
Republicans usually need more Democrats to vote for them than Democrats need Republicans to vote for them.
So there has to be disgruntled Democrats.
It is too bad that the so-called mainstream media seems to never notice that.
It is always and only about disgruntled Republicans.

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