Friday, November 12, 2010

When Will The Blaming Palin For Losing GOP The Senate Come To An End?

Welcome Texas4Palin readers! Please continue to read the blog and realize this. We are are not all crazy in California!

I am afraid not anytime soon.
It is not enough when those out of the political arena like Karl Rove, and people like Michael Gerson dump on the former Alaska governor.
But when an elected official that just won reelection joins the chorus of "Let's blame Sarah" for the Republicans not gaining control of the senate, it shows real stupidity.
Meet Spencer Bachus, Republican congressman from Alabama. He had a really tough fight for reelection. Oops! My bad! Congressman Bachus had no reelection fight as he ran unopposed for reelection.
But that did not stop him from beating the Blame Sarah drum:

“The Senate would be Republican today except for states (in which Palin endorsed candidates) like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware,” Bachus said. “Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate.”

Again, Spence. May I call you Spence? You are flat out wrong.
Is the reason that Carly Fiorina lost her senate bid in California the fault of Mrs. Palin? And in Colorado. What about Ken Buck? I mean, maybe you should blame the fact that Colorado Republicans did not just vote for Tom Tancredo to be the nominee instead of choosing between a plagiarist and a liar. Maybe that would have helped pull Mr. Buck over the top. Oh, how about the New York state Republican party being is such bad shape that they had two chances at a senate seat and lost both by over 20 points?
Good Lord, man! You have got to get off the Karl Rove/Michael Gerson talking points.
Endorsements are only as good as the candidates themselves.
I did not vote for Carly Fiorina in the California primary. I voted for Chuck DeVore. I really thought that he was a better candidate. But he did not win. And I supported Mrs. Fiorina as she won fair and square. But she was not that great a general election candidate. Is that Sarah Palin's fault?
Maybe we just were so positive about getting control of the senate and we should not have been.
But gaining six or seven seats is amazing in and of itself. Many of the Dems that won had to fight for their political lives. And the 47+ Republicans in the senate are taking the body rightward. No, not enough, but will make it less likely that the craziness coming from the White House will ever see the light of day.
I think that Mr. Bachus makes some good points after the Palin bashing. That the election is owed to independent voters turning to the Republican party. But, in a contradiction, Congressman Bachus seems to argue that a senate in Republican hands would not make that much of a difference:

“If you think Republicans are in charge in Washington, you can wipe that thought from your mind. Democrats are in control of the presidency and the Senate. It would take 67 votes to override any veto.”

True that. But then why does it really matter had the Republicans ran the tables and had 51 seats and control of the senate? That was not expounded on in the linked article.
Look, the Republicans won control of the House of Representatives. In a year in which the congressional lines will be redrawn as a result of the 2010 census. More than likely, it will ensure that the Republicans will still be in control when we have the presidential election in 2012.
The Republicans have made it impossible by winning seats in the senate for any more big expansion of government. No, they do not control the calendar and committees and the like, but there is no longer the magic 60 votes that the Dems had to run roughshod in the upper chamber.
And, very importantly, the Republicans won more state legislative seats since 1928. Nineteen friggin twenty-eight! And the Republican party controls the majority of governors for the first time since the early part of the 21st century.
It was a damn good election for us conservatives and Republicans!
No, we could not win them all.
But we came way out on top.
And some of that success can be at the feet of Sarah Palin and her willingness to go out on the limb and support some candidates that won and some that lost. Not all were Tea Party folks. But she is in the arena fighting hard. Again, at the end of the day, it is the C A N D I D A T E that makes the difference.
So, stop blaming an endorser over a candidate. Stop blaming Sarah Palin. She did a great job in energizing the base.
Where were you, Spence?


Tracey said...

Hi there! I came across your blog through a link on the Texas for Sarah Palin blog. I'm glad I did. I've enjoyed reading your post and I couldn't agree with you more! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Palin cannot win them all & especially if the candidate isn't that good. She is probably more powerful now than being a presidential candidate.