Friday, November 19, 2010

The End Of Harry Pothead, Er POTTER, Is Nigh! Thank God Almighty! Thank God Almighty!

There, I said it!
Someone has to say it.
Today is the next to last of the Harry Pothead, er POTTER, flicks and it can not come soon enough.
Personally, I do not know why Harry's mommy, author J. K. Rowling, does not just kill this guy and his friends off already.
OK, confession time.
I have not read one Harry Pothead, dammit, POTTER, book. I have not seen one movie. I have not wanted to read one book nor see one movie.
In and of itself, I think these books and movies are fine for children.
It is the damn adults that turned me off.
What do I mean?
It is the freakish adults that seem to want to live the Harry lifestyle. They play dress-up. Have Harry Pothead, OK, I am really sorry, POTTER, parties. Stay up all night to catch the latest flick at some midnight showing. In full regalia.
The adults have ruined something that should be for the kiddies.
Now I am not a scrooge in general. I am kind of the type that cracks many jokes. Many not all that funny. Some pretty funny. Some zingers. I like to have fun. But I do not feel the need to live in an alternate universe. It is enough being the only member of my family, living or dead, to be a conservative and Republican. To them, I am in the alternate universe. And to me, they might as well be Harry P O T T E R. There, I got the name right!
But this is not a political post. It is a cultural post.
And what is disturbing about this, to me, is how many adults are hungering to find something to believe in.
And these people believe in Harry and his friends.
But what happens is the same thing that happens to Trekkies. Star Wars fanatics.
People get lost in the characters and lose any sense of reality.
And what are the children who like the books and movies to think of adults that become, well, kind of weird?
Probably the same as I do.
That these people need to get a life.
Everyone needs to have some kind of diversion in life.
I do.
Mine are sports.
I love to go to baseball games. Ice hockey games. Yes, I wear team clothing. I follow the teams I like pretty well. But let me be the first to say that at 46, my baseball and ice hockey days are long behind me. I am a spectator.
It is when people stop being spectators and jump into this head first that I find disturbing. Especially when it comes to this kind of stuff.
I have to admit. I admire that Mrs. Rowling did not just sit on her rear end and collect a welfare check from the British government. She created this Potter and his world while on government assistance. And she is now a billionaire. A freaking billionaire! Now, that is something to admire.
I can not help but wonder if Mrs. Rowling is not a wee bit embarrassed at the adults and how they act about Harry and company.
All I ask is that adults take it easy on Harry and his compadres. Realize that it is a fantasy. Not real life. It is why I can not stand this whole franchise.
In other words, let the kids enjoy Harry Potter and find something else as a diversion.
And please, let Harry die already!

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