Monday, November 08, 2010

Michael Gerson's Latest Attempt To Hump David Frum's Leg

Yes, it is harsh what I have to write about Michael Gerson, the former White House speechwriter under former president George W. Bush.
But it is true.
Not unlike another former White House speechwriter, by sheer coinkidink also under Mr. Bush, David Frum, Mr. Gerson thinks it is his job to go after conservatives within the Republican party.
Of course, not unlike Mr. Frum, Mr. Gerson takes out his hate on the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin.
In this latest tome, Mr. Gerson thinks that she backed "extremist" candidates and kind of embaressed the conservative movement.
Really, Mr. Gerson?
While you heap righteous praise on Sen.-elect Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), you make it out that Mrs. Palin made a couple of endorsements that cost the Republicans control of the senate.
The usual canard from establishment types.
That if Christine O'Donnell was not the Republican nominee for the senate in Delaware and former congressman Mike Castle was, we would have that seat now.
That if Sharron Angle was not the Republican for the senate in Nevada, and either Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian were, we would have that seat now.
Mr. Gerson, that is just unmitigated crap, pure and simple.
In the column, Mr. Gerson says this about the primary process:

Weak, poorly vetted Senate candidates were the main reason that while Republican gains in the House were historic - the largest in 72 years - gains in the Senate were not.

Mr. Gerson, that is what the primaries are all about.
Or to put it this way.
The establishment wanted Carly Fiorina to win in California because they thought she would be a stronger candidate against Sen. Ma'am Boxer. Well, that did not work out to well. To use Mr. Gerson's so-called logic, did we, the California Republican voter not "vet" her well?
Was Miss O'Donnell the best of the two candidate in Delaware? On the issues, yes. Being able to win a general election, no. But the fact that Mr. Castle could not win the primary throws the whole theory of his electability in question. Ditto Mrs. Lowden and Mr. Tarkanian in Nevada in the case of Mrs. Angle.
And then Mr. Gerson dumps on Mrs. Palin for a last-minute endorsement of Tom Tancredo in his race for Colorado governor.
What Mr. Gerson does not point out is that the Republican race for governor was a train wreck in which the establishment candidate, former congressman Scott McInness was accused of plagiarism. And the guy who came from behind to win the Republican nomination for governor, a state senator named Dan Maes turned out to be a big liar.
Great. A plagiarist known at the time of the election and a liar that won the primary.
Many Colorado voters started migrating to the Tancredo third-party run leaving Mr. Maes behind. Most of the Republican establishment quietly put support behind Mr. Tancredo. And he did come close to an upset.
But, Mr. Gerson is an amnesty first person on the illegal immigration question. He does not like that Mr. Tancredo is a hard-liner against illegal immigration.
Funny how Mr. Gerson points out these three that lost in their general election campaigns.
How about candidates that Mrs. Palin did support that won.
People like Sen.-elect Rubio. Or Sen.-elect Rand Paul. Or Sen-elect Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.
And let us not forget that Mrs. Palin endorsed Mrs. Fiorina and that ticked off many Tea Party folks here in California.
See, Mrs. Palin endorsed many candidates. Some were really great. Some were so-so. Some she probably would have done best to stay away from.
But to focus on these three shows the elitism of Mr. Gerson.
Again, to say other candidates might have won is all conjecture. If one can not win the respective primaries, it all becomes Monday morning quarterbacking.
This is a pattern of this Gerson fellow. Dump on conservatives. Not unlike your friend, Mr. Frum.
That is why I wonder if you are trying to get a gig over at what ever he is calling his website now.
But while you do that, stop dragging conservatives down with you.
It is one thing to write the words that politicians say. It is another to actually run in the arena. And that Mrs. Palin has all over you, Mr. Gerson.
So Mr. Gerson, stop using conservatives in humping Mr. Frum's leg.

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