Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Post-Election Hangover

I admit it. I am hungover from the great mid-term election just concluded this past Tuesday.
There were many great victories. And some defeats. And one case election, of course California, in which the theory of anti-incumbency played out.
The next few posts will deal with that reality. Where the United States now goes as the House of Representatives is in Republican hands. Republicans nibbled at the senate to have a more or less working majority. And especially here in California as the Republican party could not take advantage of the mood of the rest of the United States.
But it is sweet to see our Dear Leader, President Obama, hemming and hawing. Not knowing what to say or do. To see the soon to be ex Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, run for minority leader. For Harry Reid-a big UGH!-to figure out what to do with a seriously reduced majority and some that got there running against the Democrat agenda.
Folks, the fun is just beginning. Get some popcorn and enjoy the playing out of the events.

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