Saturday, November 04, 2006

Races Are Gaining For GOP

As I have written in many previous posts, don't take too much stock in polls. But, there is a trending Republican thread, particularly in the key senate races that may show the Republicans holding on to the senate.
The race in Ohio is actually tightening up as Sen. Mike De Wine is now down in single digits. Just last week, the Democrat challenger Sherrod Brown was up by as much as 12% in some polls. May not be enough to pull a win, but that should not stop the effort to GOTV.
Same in Montana, given up for dead three weeks ago. Sen Conrad Burns and Jim Tester are in a dead heat. The same for Maryland Lt. Governor, Michael Steele vs. Ben Cardin. Tied at 47%. Even Democrats are worried that "Republican" Sen. Lincoln Chaffee is now back within striking distance.
Even in many of the endangered house races, Republican candidates that have been down are gaining ground. There is even a report in National Review online ( that turnout will be low in North Carolina, where there is a barnburner of a race between Congressman Charles Taylor and former pro quarterback Heath Schuler. That may mean, low turnout, Republican hold.
Despite what the DBDMSM says, that some seats are already being written off by Republican strategists, don't believe it. That is what they said in 2002 and what they tried to say in 2004. Because of the Republican GOTV machine, they were proven wrong. I think we are about to do it again.
As pointed on by Dean Barnett at Hugh Hewitt's site ( Republicans are going to vote as if this was a presidential election year. That will offset any supposed high Democrat turnout.
John Kerry opened his yak and the GOP came home to snatch defeat. Maybe a long headline on Wednesday morning, but there is no denying that Republican voters are coming home and keeping congress in GOP hands.

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