Friday, November 03, 2006

Final Predictions

OK, its crunch time and we are now, finally, in the infamous 72 hour drive that will keep the Republican majority in the House and Senate. With that, here are the final predictions for how this will end up Wednesday morning.
House of Representatives:
Republican: 225
Democrat: 210
Republican: 57
Democrat: 42
Independent: 1
Yea, yea I know, but Mark, the polls, the polls! I mean, the Arizona senate seat is in play! They Dems are pouring money everywhere, we can't stop this juggernaut and that is because the drive-by, dinosaur MSM says so!
But that is it. The drive-by, dinosaur MSM has been so in the tank for the Democrats that Republicans are coming home and making all the senate races too close to call.
Yes, despite what the DBDMSM says, Sen John Kerry's slam on the the United States armed forces is resonating with the Republican base and I am certain even fair independents and Democrats. The hysteria of Howard Dean is rearing its ugly head and Nancy Pelosi is being let loose to rain terror on the Pennsylvania countryside is finally waking up the fence sitters.
All campaigns throw money at races they know they can not win. Look at President Bush in 2000. He spent quite a bit of money here in California with no chance of even making it close. But, it may Al Gore have to spend time and money here, taking him away from an area that he could have had more in his camp. That is what is happening in Arizona. So, fellow 'Zona GOPers, don't be fooled! GET OUT AND VOTE!
The reason I believe that the DBDMSM does not get the real dynamics of the race is because they are the DBDMSM!
They have no idea how conservatives communicate around their prism.
As reported earlier this week in the Drudge Report ( Republicans are more online than Democrats. Conservative blog and information sites are more than 2-1 outhit over liberal blog and information sites. Also, there is talk radio. Even with the feeble attempts by bankrupt Air America to make a breakthrough, talk radio is still dominated by conservatives and or libertarians. Of course there is Fox News Channel, the most popular cable news network in the United States. It takes two liberal slanted DBDMSM networks, CNN and MSNBC just to try to keep up with FNC.
We know that we will not get a fair shake on the DBDMSM networks unless we are conservative critics like Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough or Dick Armey.
So, since they are not really taking the pulse of the American public as a whole, we are getting skewed, and screwed, polls and downplaying GOP votes and voters.
Come election night, when the Democrats do not take the House or Senate, what will the DBDMSM have to say then? Will they even know what hit them?

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