Saturday, November 11, 2006

The GOP Leadership Battle

I recommend that if you have questions for the candidates for the Republican leadership to the house of representatives, check out TruthLaidBear (
My question is, will they realize that raw power does not matter if you tolerate the corruption that was rightfully exposed in the 1990's?
It appears that maybe the case if they elect John Boehner (R-Ohio) as minority leader. I think that would be perfect irony. I mean, why did Ken Blackwell lose his bid for governor? Mike De Wine reelection to the senate? Because the Ohio GOP was so corrupt that the governor, Bob Taft, had to plead no contest in court. No, Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is the right choice. New face, committed Reagan conservative. One who will hold the Democrats accountable.
And why would Republicans elect Roy Blunt as minority whip? He is a huge part of the problem. He still does not get that the "earmarks" that went up from 1,500 to 15,000 is part of the problem. John Shadegg (R-Arizona) is a much better choice.
I say ask the questions. What they need to know before the leadership elections on Wednesday is where the grassroots stand on major issues and and they perceive the election loss of congress. I mean, some governorships are easy to explain and are not potentially as long term as congress.
What the Republican party needs to do is twofold. Reinjuvenate the conservative coalition. It does not help when just before the election, former house majority leader Dick Armey is blaming conservative Christians. Nor for now DBDMSM author David Kuo to blame White House insiders for disrespecting conservative Christians and not being enthusiastic about President Bush's faith-based initiative. Stop the finger pointing. We are all conservatives and, if we respect each other will have a fair hearing and up and down votes on issues that concern both, which is the vast majority of issues.
After that, have new leadership that remembers what the Republican party is all about. It is the real reform party. We don't stand for watered down liberalism, being better at making the trains run on time so to speak. When the Republican party came to power in both houses in 1994, it was on reform. What happened is we got drunk on power and many within our great coalition just could not take it anymore. Only new faces and aggressiveness can bring about reform. We have to be worried when in consistent polling data after the elections, many thought the Democrats would be better and keeping government spending and the size of government under control better than the Republicans.
Go to Truth Laid Bear and ask the questions they will ask. Also, look for new people to lead. It is the only way we can reform and lead back in congress.

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