Monday, November 06, 2006

California Recommendations

Here are my recommendations for those who live in California for voting.
I will not make a recommendation for the United States senate as, for whatever reason, the Republicans did not put up a serious candidate. I will vote for Republican Richard Mountjoy, but I can not ask all fellow Californians to do the same. So, here goes.
Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is not a Reagan conservative, but who is now a days? But, he will not raise taxes and, occasionally stumbling has back conservative positions. He should win in a rout over socialist, er Democrat Phil Angelides. But remember TO VOTE!!!! There are some other races.
Lt. Governor: Tom McClintock. He IS the Reagan conservative and was really the better choice over Arnold in the recall election in 2003. But, alas, it was not the right time. Because he smartly did not lead a conservative revolt against Arnold, he will ride the coattails.
Secretary of State: Bruce McPherson. Like Arnold, a moderate but a Republican and will not let any shenanigans be pulled off by the Dems come election time in 2008.
Controller: Tony Strickland. Like Tom McClintock, a conservative. Someone we can trust with writing the checks. Also, has a great TV ad campaign as "Tony the Tiger"
Treasurer: Claude Parrish. A solid Republican. Has an uphill fight, but if it is Arnold's landslide night, he may ride the coattails.
Attorney General: Chuck Poochigian. Unfortunately, he is running against Jerry Brown and even now he can win a statewide race and looks conservative compared to Angleides. Any other year, Chuck would win, but this may be the only bright spots for the Dems in California.
Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner. He will bring respectability to this office. Ironically, it was in the middle of a corruption scandal when the GOP last had this office. Won't happen under Poizner. Not taking any insurance money.
On the propositions, I will just give the recommendation. Please refer to your sample ballot booklet for details.
1A) NO, 1B) NO, 1C) NO, 1D) NO, 1E) NO, 83) YES, 84) NO, 85) YES, 86) NO, 87) NO, 88) NO, 89) NO, 90) YES.
All I can write is that while I believe that it will be a great night in the rest of the United States for the Republicans, it will even be better here in California.

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