Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Mixed Bag

Tonight, nationwide it is not good for the Republicans. However, here in California, reason to celebrate as Governor Arnold is trouncing Phil Angelides. It will have the coattails I predicted. But nationwide, not good.
Firstly, a lot of the loss is easy to explain. Hardly a chance to keep Tom Delay's and Mark Foley's seats. But they should be easy GOP recaptures in 2008. We may lose the senate, but I do not think any of this is all bad.
Remember, there will not be a huge mandate and there is still President Bush who will finally have to use the veto pen. Many of the Dem gains are on the backs of moderates that may not be comfortable with the potential shenanigans of the leadership. Maybe it will force the president to increase the troops in Iraq and finish the job and get a majority of troops home.
Looking ahead to 2008, all bets have to be off. Both parties have wide open races to the presidential nomination and that will be good for both.
The Dems will not have overwhelming majorities in either the house or Senate. They will overreach and the voters will remind them in 2008.
Since I am in California, this is a BRIGHT spot for the GOP.
Governor Arnold having a landslide, taking along conservatives Tom McClintock, Tony Strickland and Steve Poizner to constitutional offices.
Won't hold my breath about any gains in the state legislature.
But, having a strong Republican governor will probably put California in play in 2008. WOW! A real big state in play for the White House!
Also, the big five bond measures that Gov. Arnold backed look like they will pass. But, there is still law and order as Prop. 83, Jessica's Law is passing with ease. Also, abortion parental notification is neck and neck. Surprisingly, Prop. 90, the eminent domain measure is passing up against a barrage by opponents.
So, nationwide not good, but in California, a good night for the GOP.
Now, on to 2008!

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