Friday, May 29, 2015

Was Dennis Hastert A Perv?!

The former Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Dennis Hastert, has been charged with lying to the FBI as to why he was taking just under $10,000 cash withdrawals and the reason does not appear to be a good one.

According to multiple sources, the reason Mr. Hastert was taking the money and using it to payoff a former student of his from his days as a teacher and wrestling coach.
A payoff for the male, only identified as "Individual A" to keep quiet about Mr. Hastert alleged sexual misconduct.
And if the Los Angeles Times is accurate, at least one more male has a connection to this. However, this male is not and was not being paid off by Mr. Hastert.
Where, oh where to begin?
First, Mr. Hastert is no longer a public, elected official. He has not been since 2007 when he left congress after the Democrats retook the House in the previous election in 2006. So nothing could be done on that front if true.
But Mr. Hastert did have a position of trust as a school teacher and a wrestling coach. It is not a license to use that authority in any way unbecoming of being a teacher.
Of course I want to presume Mr. Hastert is innocent until proven guilty.
But nothing will be able to be done regarding alleged sexual misconduct as the statute of limitations more than likely expired.
And I also believe that this is not in the league of the infamous former senator from Idaho, Larry Craig.
In the Craig saga, he pled guilty to soliciting public sex in a male restroom at the Minneapolis International airport. It was discovered by media after the fact and led to an embarrassing situation for the GOP. And I called for Mr. Craig to resign and he did. Until he didn't. I wrote about the initial reports here in 2007.
Now it is possible that when all is said and done, Mr. Hastert will cut a deal so as to not have potentially embarrassing information to himself come out in a trial. But the reality is that the leftywhore media will make sure to remind us about the pervert Republicans. How often times they are hypocritical. We all know what happens next.
The bottom line is that what is known is not much but very damaging reports about why Mr. Hastert was taking large cash withdrawals out from his bank. One can make an argument that the banking law is a bad one, but that is not the point. If what ends up coming out is that Mr. Hastert was doing more than coaching wrestling with some of his male high school students, it will be devastating to all involved. And let's not forget that Mr. Hastert is married and has two adult children. And because we do not know anything about the potential victims of possible sexual misconduct, I can not and will not speculate on the effects on them and their families.
I once wrote about who are the people we elect to public office and that is what I would like to leave you with.
Who are these people we elect?
And was Dennis Hastert a pervert?
Stay tuned.

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