Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why I Have Lost ALL Respect For President Obama

I believe that if you look in an updated dictionary and find the word douchebrain, you will find as a definition two or three words.
Barack (Hussein) Obama.
In a panel discussion this past Wednesday at CINO* Georgetown University, the Dear Leader, President Obama, finally let his inner socialism spew out of his mouth.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, blamed the rich and or wealthy for the increase of poverty in the United States. Poverty that has quite bluntly increased under his stellar leadership.
In this account, The Dear Leader, President Obama, had this to say about hedge-fund managers:

"I'm not saying this because I dislike hedge fund managers or think they are evil. You pretty much have more than you'll ever use and your family will ever use."

In between the words of the Dear Leader, President Obama, is an anecdote about the top 25 hedge-fund managers making more than all the kindergarten teacher in the United States combined. What our Dear Leader, President Obama, failed to mention is how hedge-fund managers love giving their money to the Democrats. Tom Steyer is but one example. But if you do not believe me, here is some more proof from Open Secrets. I will concede that the tide is turning and they are donating more to Republicans. But maybe, just maybe they are tired of being like part of a Stockholm Syndrome cult and don't like giving money to the very people that want to take as much of it as possible.
And why does the Dear Leader, President Obama, refer to those who have any means as "society's lottery winners."?
Most importantly, who in the hell is the Dear Leader, President Obama, to say what is or is not enough money anyone should make and or have? The problem is that he let his inner socialism out with that comment. Too bad the Dear Leader, President Obama, did not take a look in the mirror at his own, very privileged life.
But it sure did not end there. The economic envy became education and by extension social envy.
In the eyes of our president, it is an awful thing for people wanting to send their children to private schools.
Again, in the words of the Dear Leader, President Obama:

“Those who are doing better and better, more skilled, more educated, – luckier – having greater advantages are withdrawing from the commons. Kids start going to private schools, kids start working out at private clubs instead of the public parks, an anti-government ideology then disinvests from those common goods and those things that draw us together.”

UGH! SMH** until it bleeds!
Does this dude believe the horse crap that comes out of his mouth?!
A primer on the Dear Leader, President Obama and his trajectory to the White House is needed.
Yes, Barack Obama was born in Hawai'i in 1961. He spent his early formative years in Indonesia and, surprise! Attended private school. When he did come back to the United States in his teenage years, Mr. Obama went to the prestigious Punahou School, courtesy of his banker grandma, you know, the one scared of black people on the street. And when Mr. Obama went to college, it sure as hell was not East Los Angeles Junior College. No, no, no!!! He went to Occidental College and for some reason did not finish undergraduate studies there. He transferred to Columbia University and finished there. And of course went on to Harvard law school.
Yeah, some interaction with the downtrodden of society.
In reality he did all the community organizing thing after years of left-wing indoctrination at elite private schools. And remember in his own words he talked about the kind of people he hung out with at Occidental:

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

Oh yes, these are your average folks. Yes indeed.
Where does this crap come from? Seriously? Most people do not know folks like this unless they are themselves politically active and on the left.
The total rank hypocrisy of this president is just so out there. I mean the dude has totally benefited from being an elitist himself. He did not grow up in poverty like say Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. He did not have a moderate middle-class upbringing like Harry S Truman. He did not have a quintessential middle-class lifestyle as Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.
Yet he dumps and promotes lies to foment class warfare.
I did not want to go to the fact the president and Mrs. Dear Leader, Michelle Obama, send their two daughters to the moat elite private school in the Washington, D. C. area, Sidwell Friends School. But hey, why not point out his hypocrisy?
Most Americans, rightfully, aspire to get to a higher station in life than they may have been born into. Very few are in the truly elite families of the United States. Most would like to be able to attain a home, work a job that they at least like and maybe get a promotion or two. Have enough money to live a comfortable retirement and to leave a little something to their children if they have any. And that includes those at the bottom of the economic ladder.
Maybe instead of dissing private schools, let the states have education back and break the power of teacher unions that dominate, especially in the large cities.
Instead of dumping on those of means, show that anyone can attain the same position. One of the reasons I love the show Shark Tank is that those who are the sharks are looking for something to take off with. They are investing in an idea and yes, eventually jobs. No, nSot everyone can get on Shark Tank, but there are people who are like them all across the United States.
Why can't our president unite the nation instead of dividing it every chance that he gets? Why can't he extol the virtues of hard work? Of the entrepreneur spirit that made the United States? Why can't he suggest that there are good ideas in private schooling and what needs to be done is bring them to public education? Why can't he stop playing the victim card and play the truth, the audacity of hope?
By letting the inner socialist out in the open, I have lost the little respect that I had for the Dear Leader, President Obama. I doubt he reads this blog (maybe the NSA does!) but what he needs to do is reach out and show a little humility. It will go a long way.

*CINO-Catholic In Name Only.
**SMH-Smack My Head.

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