Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why I Support Marco Rubio For President

If any regular reader or casual reader of this blog knows, I have always supported Sen. Marco Rubio since he became a candidate for the United States senate in 2010.
While I have a little bit of concern I will address later in this post, I believe that Sen. Rubio is the best of the Republican candidates for president and totally support the Rubio candidacy. I so strongly support Sen. Rubio I have created this Facebook page, Californians For Rubio.
Why do I like Sen. Rubio so much?
For one, he is not ashamed to be a conservative and Republican. In fact, almost all the Republicans in the race, if put under Sodium Pentathol, know Sen. Rubio has proven time and time again that he is the best and most articulate spokesman for conservative ideas.
In many ways, Sen. Rubio reminds me a lot of a young version of Ronald Reagan. But unlike Mr. Reagan, Sen. Rubio is the son of immigrants. Cuban immigrants just before one Fidel Castro seized power and imposed communism and shared poverty. Except for the communist elite, of course. As the son of immigrants he has a real appreciation of the American dream.
So I know that there is a negative side that I can get out of the way now.
The fact is that as a federal elected official, Sen. Rubio has a little more experience than the current occupant of the White House, the Dear Leader, President Obama. That is sort of true. But unlike the Dear Leader, President Obama, who served in the Illinois state senate and voted present a lot, Sen. Rubio was the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and shepereded legislation thus was a leader. So yes, he does not have the long-term record that others in the race do, I think he has a stronger record of accomplishment than the Dear Leader, President Obama.
So, where does he stand on issues?
Sen. Rubio has a plan to fix our broken tax system. It is not an easy read, but here is the Rubio plan. There are critics on both the right and left. But for the average American taxpayer, it is as close to a flat income tax that we have ever had. A 15% bracket and a 35% bracket. For single tax payers, the 15% bracket is good up to $75,000. Married and filing jointly the 15% bracket is up to $150,000. Most Americans are in the lower bracket and will still have the ability to deduct their home mortgages. Again, it is a read, but worth it to understand why I like this plan.
Of course there would be deregulation across the board.
On the so-called social issues, Sen. Rubio is pro-life and in favor of traditional marriage. Again these are the social issues that the left wants to spend time talking about. And of course some people think Sen. Rubio was weak in saying that he would attend a friend's same-sex wedding. It does not mean he is endorsing it as much as being a good friend.
On the issue of illegal immigration, this is one issue where Sen. Rubio has waffled too much for my taste. But it is not fatal. And as president, Sen. Rubio would be able to craft multiple bills rather than a comprehensive bill that is what divides conservatives, Republicans and the majority of the American public.
On foreign policy, I know where Sen. Rubio stands and that he will call radical Islam and radical Islamics what they are. There will be no couching of words. There will be no undercutting our only reliable ally in the Middle East, Israel. There will be no cutting a bad deal or deals with Iran. And Sen. Rubio will take the fight to the enemy there, not waiting for something to happen here and then react.
Most important to me is that he is a real deal. He is not full of himself. It's not all about him. It's about what he will do as president and who he will surround himself with to carry out policies.
That is why I heartily endorse and support Marco Rubio for President.

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