Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Charlie Crist A Most Loathsome Politician

The former Florida governor, Charlie Crist, is quite possibly the most loathsome politician in the United States today.
In this short piece in The Daily Caller, Mr. Crist, a former Republican, Independent and now a Democrat, claims that the real reason he left the Republican party in 2010 is . . .get ready for it . . .raaaaaacists!
Remember, there are five a's in raaaaacists.
Yes, astonishingly, Mr. Crist, now running for governor of Florida again as a Democrat, blames Republican "activists" and their sheer hatred of the Dear Leader, President Obama, as the reason he could not take it anymore being a Republican.
So let me take you back to the 2010 Florida senate campaign.
Then Gov. Crist was the Republican governor of Florida and decided that he was bored with that position and announced that he was going to run for the Republican nomination for the federal senate. No problem. He has that right. That was in May, 2009. And in the same month, Marco Rubio announced he too was going to run for the senate seat being vacated by then-Sen. Bob Martinez. And I totally endorsed Mr. Rubio's candidacy. The reasons are at the link. As it turned out, it was providential to support Mr. Rubio for once he gained steam and overtook Mr. Christ in polls, once it became clear that Mr. Rubio was going to win, Mr. Crist saw the light, the error of his ways and announced that he was running for the seat as an Independent. Mr. Crist began a clear left turn by doing so. One big issue I noted here. But as The Daily Caller notes in this link to Buzzfeed, not exactly right-wing central, ol' Charlie has spent much of his political career flip-flopping on issues to suit where the wind was blowing in the Republican party. And he gained the support of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2010. Of course until it became clear that the rank and file supported Mr. Rubio. Mr. Rubio won the nomination handily, Mr. Crist became an independent and suddenly realized, no I am not a conservative but a "Barack Obama Democrat".
May I note here that all of those raaaaacist activists were pounding the pavement and working hard to vote for and nominate the Hispanic candidate, Mr. Rubio. Why those dasterly raaaaacist Republicans!
I guess that what it was is that they saved all the venom in their cold hearts for Barack Obama. Only because he was Black. Not that many, no most, no all his policies sucked.
It would be one thing if Mr. Crist was a moderate or even liberal Republican during his tenure as Florida attorney general and governor. But he wasn't. He ran as and governed as a conservative Republican and only began the left turn while running for senate. Because he had to contrast himself somehow with Mr. Rubio. And once he lost that election, he eventually made the transition complete and is now running as a left-wing Democrat for his old office. He has changed on every position that he once had as a Republican.
And he now is totally Barack Obama's homeboy.
The complete interview with Mr. Crist is here.
Here is a quote from Mr. Crist that is, well just so fake as he is:

“I couldn’t be consistent with myself and my core beliefs, and stay with a party that was so unfriendly toward the African-American president, I’ll just go there. was a Republican and I saw the activists and what they were doing, it was intolerable to me.”

Oh, please!
Running for office as a Republican, he sure as hell did not mind trying to win these raaaaacist activists over. And more than once. And he sure as hell did not mind taking campaign money for the raaaaacist activists.
There are many other politicians that have changed parties. Ronald Reagan is a pretty famous one. The current governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chaffee, is another who was a liberal Republican senator, ran for governor of Rhode Island as an Independent and became a Democrat as governor.
A former Vermont senator, the last Republican one, Jim Jeffords, also was a liberal Republican and became an Independent that caucused with the Democrats. The other way was former congressman and Texas senator Phil Graham who went from Democrat to Republican. A slew of mostly Southern Democrats switched parties in 1994 after their party went down in electoral flames. One of those still in office is Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama).
I don't mind honest people seeing that they no longer are comfortable in the party they once belonged to. Most of the time voters make the right judgement when they run for reelection or election to another office.
But Mr. Crist, he is just totally special. And he makes his real reason for getting out of the Republican party is because some activists, supposedly, are raaaaacists.
One only hopes that Florida Democrats see that Mr. Crist will turn on them if the political winds demand it. One hopes that the Florida Democrats will not put all their eggs in the Crist basket in an attempt to wrest the governor's office from the current Republican occupant, Rick Scott. If not, and the Florida Democrat voters nominate ol' Floppin'Charlie in their primary, they deserve what they get. A political opportunist who knows no bounds of being a worthless, loathsome politician.

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