Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gov. Moonbeam Brown Is Back

Yes indeed you read it right about Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown.
Just as one thinks that Gov. Brown, at least on budget matters, is not as insane as his fellow Democrats in the state legislature, he pontificates on Globaloney Warming.
Specifically, that Los Angeles International Airport will be underwater as a result of Globaloney Warning.
In about 200 years.
The fact that Gov. Brown is mentioning the very distant possibility in a state budget news conference shows that he will not tone down in the least in the whole economic sellout of California to the Globaloney Warming regime.
The basis for Gov. Moonbeam's remarks are two recent reports about a large swath of glaciers in Antarctica that are collapsing irreversibly. In this report from The National Geographic, even those scientists discussing the matter admit it could take a minimum of 200 to a max of 900 years for the sea levels to rise as much as four feet around the world.
So it would take 200 years for the potential, not a guarantee, that sea levels around the world could rise up to four feet and Gov. Moonbeam feels the need to remind us of a few facts.
That LAX will be underwater. That San Francisco International Airport will be underwater. And the now closed San Onofre nuclear power plant will be underwater.
In 200 years.
Gov. Moonbeam was making the suggestion that it would cost billions to move the two airports.
Yet the reality is that no one knows what kind of modes of transportation we will actually have in 200 years.
Does anyone think that in 1800, even a small, minuscule minority thought that by the early 1900s, people would discover how to fly an airplane? That by 1950, air travel would bring much of the world together?
Or another 1800 scenario is did anyone think that cars would be the most popular form of transport for the masses?
The point is that to suggest that airplanes will still be in use as they are today is silly. And it is possible, no probable, that the San Onofre power plant that is now closed could be destroyed and the nuclear waste disposed of in a different way.
Is what Gov. Moonbeam trying to promote is a huge public works project based on so-so science? A huge project that, yes, would provide jobs that are desperately needed in California.
If the proposed bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco is any indication, I think not.
But for Gov. Moonbeam to make a possibly off-the-cuff remark makes me think that the Moonbeam is back!

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