Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Continuing Thuggery And Surfing Don't Mix

This past Sunday was the conclusion of the Vans U. S. Open of Surfing and champions were crowned as well as a lot of violence that seems to be the norm now at just about every event in the United States.
A sports team wins a championship? Why of course there is some kind of violence.
Reaction to a verdict in a criminal case? Why of course all out riots break out.
Whatever we like? Go out and commit violence.
Whatever we don't like? Go out and commit violence or an all out riot.
Why is this happening in the United States these days?
Well, lets focus on this latest event, the U. S. Open.
See, this is what people should be celebrating

2013 U. S. Open of Surfing Men's Champion, Alejo Muniz

2013 U. S. Open of Surfing Wonman's Champion, Carissa Moore
But instead of that being the highlight of the week-long surf, skate and BMX festival, this is what we have to be seeing and hearing about the whole time
Yep, someone decided that hey, I'm gonna take stop sign and ram it in the window of a business. For no apparent reason except because. Why not? Hey, maybe this dude was upset the Kolohe Andino did not win the men's championship? Well, whatever dude.
There were eight people arrested and a sucky end to what should have been a great week for some under-reported sports and elevating them to a new, higher level.
Now people in Huntington Beach, California, aka Surf City USA are wondering if it is worth having this event.
Some advice that I would like to offer Huntington Beach and other law enforcement.
If they want to know how to have an event go off and to be successful without this kind of stain, they should ask the people that put on the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, every year in which this kind of stuff rarely, if ever, happen.
But the larger question is where is this violence coming from? Why is it to celebrate something one feels that they have to resort.
I do not know for sure. But the troubling aspect is that this is now accepted and by many shrugged off.
I would like to ask those that want to shrug it off if they think it would be cool if these people came by their home and decided to trash it? Steal from it?  Maybe even burn it down?
The problem is the acceptance instead of the discouragement of such behavior.
When enough of any society accepts anything that is disruptive such as this, it is a sign of weakness from within. Some of it I suppose is a feeling of haves vs. have nots. But really, a surf shop? A bike shop? Yeah, a real eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll business owner, right? Probably just like the rest of us.
One thing that I would like to see is that the eight thugs that were arrested is to not be offered any deal. That they be fully prosecuted. Because without that, this becomes something acceptable.
A festival and sporting event as the Vans U. S. Open of Surfing is suppose to be a highlight. An event to show the world skate, surf and BMX. An event that has attracted many from all over. And sadly, a thug element that brings the joy of it all down.
Again, thuggery and surfing do not mix.

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