Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More From The Filthy Filner File

I tell you, it does not get any better than seeing the current Democrat mayor of San Diego, Filthy Bob Filner, asking the taxpayers of his city to pay his legal bills over his lawsuit for sexual harassment and getting a nice, big middle finger from the city council as reported here in the U-T San Diego.
I mean, the gall of this cretin to actually think that hey, the taxpayers should have to pay for my legal problems. After all, I am the mayor, right? So what if I just can't keep my hands off the gals, right? You, the citizens of San Diego did elect me after all, right?
But I do not think that the people of San Diego thought that they were electing this dude
to be groper-in-chief of their town. I think that this woman who spoke before the city council, Julie Adams, pretty much summed it up:
“Being a groper is not part of his duties, so I say no, hell no.”
Not only did the city council say no to Mayor Filthy Filner's request that the city pay all his legal bills stemming from the lawsuit by Irene McCormick Jackson for sexual harassment, but essentially sued him that they are not responsible for his actions.
See, I think that it is people like Mayor Filthy Filner that are the real threat to women. While he claims to be all for women's rights, whatever they are, he wants the right to have any woman, any time and any way that he sees fit.
I mean, what else can one gleam from this sordid tale?
One other thing is that the San Diego city council is majority Democrat. Meaning that they want this problem to go away. Meaning that Mayor Filthy Filner would be better off resigning now.
But he will not. At least not any time soon.
Deep down, I do not think that Mayor Filthy Filner gets it.
Dude, let me explain it quickly.
You don't grab gals in certain parts. You don't make unwanted advances to women. You especially do not tell gals NOT to wear panties to work. It is just common sense.
Any other job and Mayor Filthy Filner would be gone.
But you see, Mayor Filthy Filner wants to be the mayor of San Diego. He is a Democrat. He feels that he is entitled to this position. It is the sense that Democrats have to elected office. It does not matter if they are like him, a perv. After all, he is "right" on all the issues in Democratland. So he likes to cop a feel for the gals. Big deal, right? After all, he says that he thinks the gals should be equally paid as men. That gals have a right to kill their babies. That gals should serve in combat roles in the armed forces. All down with same-sex marriage. But again, so he likes to cop a feel for the gals. Maybe even more if he can. He is not married, right? Oh yeah, his fiancee, who was to be wife number three, dumped him when she found out that he was texting for dates with other women right under her nose.
And yet Mayor Filthy Filner has the gall to ask the taxpayers of San Diego to pay for his soon to be massive legal bills.
The city council is acting correctly by not only just saying no, but making sure that they are not liable in any of the mayor's legal troubles.
Will Mayor Filthy Filner resign?
At some point, yes. But not right away. Because that sense of entitlement and smugness has not escaped from him yet. Someone will have to drop an anvil on his head, figuratively, and tell him that it is time to go.
Until then, get that popcorn in the microwave ready and watch this perv, Filner, go on and on the road of self-destruction.

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