Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where Are The Liberal Democrat Women On Filner And Weiner?

Explain something to me my liberal Democrat friends.
How can anyone either defend and or not immediately demand that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, picture here:
resign from office immediately. Or demand that former New York Democrat congressman, Anthony Weiner, get out of the race for the Democrat nomination for New York City since not only is he a liar but a perpetual pervert.
Well, I think that the operative aspect is that they are both Democrats.
Never mind that Mayor Filner is now having women dropping like sea gull turd from the sky to tell their stories of hiz honor's groping and all around disparaging attitudes towards women.
And never mind that Mr. Weiner now has to keep having press conference after press conferences to talk about his latest sexting buddy.
Oh, almost forgot. Photo of Mr. Weiner here showing us maybe said size of his, well. . .

 Yeah, I'm kind of thinking about right size.
But seriously, if these two were Republicans, the mayor would resign and the wannabe mayor would be gone.
But these are Democrats. So that is not going to happen anytime soon.
While these two Democrats will wail about some so-called War on Women, they have been doing all that on their own.
Mayor Filner is especially creepy because he is all touchy-feely with his abusees. As I noted, as of this writing, seven women have come forward to tell their stories about the joys of being around creepy Howdy Doody Filner. Again, look at the photo above.
Former Congressman Weiner is also creepy because while his original sexting led him to resign congress in 2011, it did not stop him from carrying on his shenanigans. He just kept doing it, and doing it. And yes, he has to keep telling of more that will come out of the woodwork.
For Mayor Filner, he was engaged to be married before all this became public. But said former fiancee Brownyn Ingram decided, uh maybe it's not cool to marry someone that is setting up dates for himself with other women. I guess she was not into an open marriage.
So what is Mayor Filner's plan since he won't resign?
Why go into some two-week "intensive" therapy program which he says will start August 5 and end August 19. And then, right back to work. Oh, my bad! Why he will be kept abreast of city business while undergoing "therapy".
For a dude that has already two failed marriages, one would think that even if he cannot win back the once to be wife number three, he would truly want to become the better person that he claims he wants to be and resign from office. But no, Mayor Filner thinks two weeks of psycho-babble and he will be cured and he can be that Super mayor that he must think he is. Well, he should have thought long and hard about that before letting the perv in him take over.
But you know what is interesting?
Mr. Weiner took the two-week quickie therapy for his sexting problem. And it worked so well, why he could just not stop sexting.
Only now are Democrat leaders, especially the gals like House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and DNC chair Congressman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz calling for Mayor Filner to resign and Mr. Weiner to end his run for New York City mayor.
Before that, these two were running from the cauldron by suggesting that these are local concerns and they did not even want to make any comment on these two.
I wonder if both dudes were REPUBLICANS would they keep their usually big traps shut?
The reality is that the women that heretofore kept quiet are tired of being played and taking a stand.
They are saying that this is real and no way not just to treat a woman but anyone.
And I know, people will suggest that all of this is a personal matter and we should just leave them alone as long as they can do their jobs.
Sorry, that does not fly.
Mayor Filner and former Congressman Weiner have been serially doing their schticks for a while now. And in the case of Mayor Filner, he has done his actions as congressman and mayor. And for Mr. Weiner, I'm sorry but his little sexting barrages also happened while in office and out of office. And again, after he went for the two-week cure all therapy.
Now I know many will bring up now Congressman Mark Sanford as a double standard.
FTR, if I was in the South Carolina congressional district he was running in, I would NOT have voted for him in the primary. I would have been hard-pressed to even vote for him in the general election. But I would have. Congressman Sanford is now divorced from Jenny Sanford and engaged to the Argentine misstress that brought him down as South Carolina governor.
If either men cared a lick for their own dignity and their family members, they would resign and or quit a race for mayor.
Politics is not that important and never should be. Congressman Sanford should not have run for election for his old seat. Mayor Filner, he has a very serious problem with women. He knows no boundaries. Mr. Weiner needs to really get a hold of his sexting problem before thinking he can or should run for any office.
But remember this.
A Republican in these situations would more than likely get out. A Democrat does what these two are doing and hanging on because they are obsessed with power.
And Democrat women?
Crickets chirping for quite a while.

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