Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Abortchuary Industrial Complex Is In Trouble In Texas And The Left Is Crazy About It

Yep, like many other states in the Union, Texas is trying to take action to rein in the Abortchuary Industrial Complex in wake of the death machine that was the abortion practice of "Dr." Kermit Gosnell.
In fact, the Texas state legislature was just to pass one of the more restrictive laws in the nation in regards to late term abortions last week.
That is until one state senator named Wendy Davis temporarily derailed it by mounting an 10 filibuster in hopes of killing the bill.
Too bad that it is but a temporary win for the AIC.
For Gov. Rick Perry simply called another special session of the state legislature (a part-time legislature, one a Californian can only dream of!) that began yesterday. In fact, Sen. Davis has said that she will not mount another filibuster.
What is it that has the professional left and or abortion defenders panties in a bunch?
It is Senate Bill 5.
The bill does update abortion regulations that are needed. And yes, it does ban abortions after 20 weeks of gestation. Here it is in a nutshell courtesy of the Wikipedia link:

Texas Senate Bill 5 is a list of measures that would add and update abortion regulations in Texas. These measures include banning abortions past twenty weeks of gestation, mandate that a doctor who performs abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and to require that clinics meet the same standards as other health-care facilities in the state.[1][2][3][4]

All of the main points are for the health of the mother and the one regarding no abortions after 20 weeks to protect the unborn baby.
Yes, since a baby at 20 weeks can feel pain and at 28 weeks, seven months, can very well live outside the womb, it is to protect a baby.
The abortchuary left cannot have any of that.
Why they will argue that the Gosnell case was aberration. That it is not the way abortion clinics work. That they do not need to be more regulated. In fact, some argue that there are too many regulations at abortion clinics. Unreal, but true.
One of the things that the left needs to do is never, ever refer to the baby as such. That is why they will call the baby a fetus. It is clinical. It takes the humanity out of what is inside the woman's belly. And that is the point.
Thus they do have a hard time admitting that many, many premature babies are viable human beings that can live a very productive life.
No matter. to the abortchuary crowd. I mean, take a look at this choice photo from "righteous" pro-abortion demonstrators today.

Yeah, so cute, aren't they?!
Yes, these gals are frightening because they probably really believe their signs. That they are truth telling.
Oh, and the Mainstream Media, why they have made Sen. Davis the poster gal for their narrative of how awful and mean the Republicans are. That they are taking away a "right" for a woman or young girl to kill their baby after 20 weeks. Because you know, it takes a while for a woman and or young girl to make such a decision. Not the decision to have sex, but you know, how and when to end the pregnancy.
And look, look at all the gals protesting around the state capitol in Austin, Texas yesterday.
WOW! How totally awesome. The crowd was estimated at about 5,000.
Oh, did anyone mention that many of these protesters were actually paid rabble-rousers? Probably not. But Katie Pavlich over at Townhall.com caught on really quick. So one wonders how many of these gals were actually from Texas in the first place? And how out of touch they are.
Most polling shows that roughly 60% of Texas voters favor the restrictions and protections proposed by the legislature and Gov. Perry.
The problem again is that science is actually hurting the pro-abortion cause. For as long as children under nine months have a viable chance at life, it gets harder and harder to suggest that they are but a blob of nothing. A fetus.
If this legislation passes and is signed by Gov. Perry as expected, it will be the biggest blow to the Abortchuary Industrial Complex anywhere in the United States.
But also, science and the people are coming to realize that maybe, it is a human life after all inside a woman and that is changing many minds on this issue.

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