Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sooo, The Politics Of The Supreme Court Obamacare Decision

Of course there is politcal fallout from the supreme court decision that essentially upheld Obamacare today.
The Dems are wetting themselves in orgasmic delight that the march to a single-payer health care system, the ultimate goal, can contiue.
Why one of the reactions is from this choice douchebrain, Patrick Gaspard. His tweet:
its constitutional. Bitches. *
Nice. But hey, as noted by Ace, there is another more to the point one.
I will link Ace, but will not write it out here.
Of course the Dear Leader, President Obama, droned on and of course got it wrong by implying the supreme court somehow arrived at its decision so that all Americans can have "affordable" health care.
Wrong, but is not the Dear Leader, President Obama, usually wrong.
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney succinctly said to insure this abomination does not take full effect, well you have to replace the current occupant of the White House with him.
So, very, very short term it is a pyhrric victory for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
The problem is that the Patient Protection and Affordability Act is still wildly unpopular. And the one thing that the supreme court decision did was state the obvious. That the so-called mandate that all Americans had to purchase health insurance and if not be penalized is in reality a tax.
And guess who suffers in that scenario?
The very middle class that the Dear Leader, President Obama, kept saying he will not raise taxes on.
The reality is that if this abomination is not repealed by a Republican congress and a President Romney, this is how it will indeed become a tax and very primarily on the middle class.
As the link points out, if I am to understand that taxes are only to be raised on the eeeevvvviiiiillll rich fat-cats that make $250,000 a year, that threshold gets a lot lower. If it all happens, $50,000 is the new $250,000.
Say, I fall in that category.
Why damn! Mrs. RVFTLC will be the nouveu-riche in Obamaland.
And as Mr. French points out, the best ad that Team Romney can and should run is the infamous interview between the Dear Leader, President Obama and George Stephanopolous in which four times he says that the mandate is not a tax.
That and pointing out the economy in tatters should be the theme of the Romney campaign.
But more than that is that Mr. Romney must not just say that he and the Republicans will repeal and replace Obamacare. He has to be very clear what the replacement to Obamacare will look like. And he has to address the reality that the lower end of the economic ladder will have to be taken care of in some way.
That is what he has to do.
The gift that the decision gave to the Republicans is that the Democrats have to contort that they will somehow not be raising taxes to pay for Obamacare.
That may be enough to help put the Republicans over the top in November.


An Unmarried Man said...

As usual, big business (insurance companies) are the winners. I detest the concept of the individual mandate. Our political system is rotted with money from the inside out. I want to vomit every time I hear of supposed lefties reveling in all things Obama. They are so delusional. They are voting for the D, not the country. Republicans are just as guilty of that as well.

Righty64 said...

Well, health insurance has changed drastically in our lifetime. I have problems with it. However, it is one of the most regulating industries in the United States. What is really delusional is the lefties really believing that under socialized medicine EVERYONE will have the same, top-notch healthcare. Psst! Here's a little secret. IT DOES NOT WORK! ! ! !
That does not mean that there should not be some serious heath care reform. But what we are on the road to is awful for most of us.