Sunday, June 17, 2012


Here is to all the dad's, stepdads, grandads (no, not the bourbon whiskey!) and all the male role model's out there. Today is our day. So, Happy Father's Day.
I often complain to Mrs. RVFTLC that dads, well we kind of get the shaft when it comes to the days set aside for moms and dads.
Part of it, historically, is the way that a dad's role had been in our society.
Dad has always been the one to work. Sometimes more than one job. Sometimes endless hours at the one that he had. The time that a dad would spend with their children, boys or girls, was often limited in comparison to the mom.
Even now that does still hold true, but thankfully less so.
One of the few good things to come out of our modern disaster known as culture is that dad's are becoming more a part of their children's life.
No, dad does not have to come home from work, hear the often bad report from mom and lay down the law. Well, some do. But sometimes the dad is the one that does the reporting for mom. Or because we now have stay-at-home dads, or dads that work from home, they get to do it all.
As my pastor pointed out in part of today's sermon at church, only about four out of 100 children have had a closer relationship with their dad over their mom.
That is very sad.
One hopes that even with the tragedy that is divorce, that is changing.
I have a friend that I often quote from that is a divorced man. He gets his son on a schedule as is wont of divorcees. But it does seem that he has a very good relationship with his son. He has taken him to many a concert. Gets him all involving his love of rock music.

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